Monday, 17 May 2021


Friday 14th May

Year 5 had another successful week with lots of certificates awarded for all of their hard work and excellent learning.

Mathletics Bronze Certificates

Louisa, Jack, Zahi, (USA), Nicole, Larkenz, Julia, Daniela (Mexico), Austeja, George, Olivia, Sade, Andriana and Logan (Canada).

E for Excellence
Ivan (Mexico), Brooke D (USA) and Mya (Canada).

Star Writer

Sebas (USA), Jake (USA) and Gabriel (Canada).

10 Books

Kiyah, Jay-jay, Faaiz and Jolin (Mexico).

Free Reader

Alfiie, Larkenz, Isabella, Lenna (Mexico) Kadisha and Sade (Canada).

Star Reader Bronze Award

Marcel, Daniel, Jay-jay, Lena (Mexico), Harry, Jack, Melisa (USA) and Reuben (Canada).

Star Reader Silver Award

George (Canada)

Ben and Zahi (USA) both got to order a book of their choice as they have read 75 books.

Lunchtime Awards
Julia, Nicole (Mexico), Felicity and Jesse (USA).

Keep up the great work Year 5!