Friday, 25 September 2020

Year One's Marvellous Medicines

In History this week the children have been learning about the historical real life superhero, Mary Seacole.  They learnt about the medicines she gave to the soldiers in the Crimean War and compared them to modern day medicines.  The year ones then made their own herbal medicines using the ingredients that Mary Seacole would have used herself and some of the children even tasted their medicine!  

"I love it! It tastes like ginger beer." Charley observed.


Year One have had another successful week! 

Well done to Lexi, Ella, Ignacy, Zuzanna, Jacob, Dora, Poppy, Ria and Donovan in New Zealand class, and Maisy, Layla, Charley, Taha, Stanley, Angelo and Noah in Palau, who all achieved WOW Awards this week.

Grace and Damira in Australia, Zuzanna in New Zealand and Stanley in Palau received Handwriting Awards.

The Star Writer certificates were awarded to Ignacy in New Zealand, Aum in Australia and Aubree in Palau.

Lenny in Australia received a certificate for resilience.

And finally the E for Excellence certificates were awarded to Shayan in New Zealand, Logan in Australia and Emma in Palau.

Well done everybody, we are very proud of you all!

Y3's Return to Forest School!

It was fantastic to be back in the forest this week and with a new group of children!
The time flew by. We explored, washed our hands with the new tippy tap, played hide and seek, went on scavenger hunts and made our forest school necklaces. We finished off with some time on our own forest bathing. Each child found somewhere to sit/lie down and just be. Then they spent time focusing on their well being, listening and noticing the forest around us. The children really engaged well with forest bathing for the first time describing it as relaxing.

Each week the children will be recording a video diary. This week's question was:

What was your favourite part of Forest School? Watch the video to find out the responses!

Y3 Certificates

A big well done to our Y3 certificate winners this week. 

E for Excellence: Olivia in Scotland, Leonard in Wales & Gabriel in Northern Ireland
Certificate of Presentation: Aryja in Wales and Fareeda in Scotland
Star Writers: David in Scotland, Luka in Northern Ireland & Jacob in Wales

Well done to all of you! We are very proud of you & keep up the fantastic work :)

Year Two Awards

 Well done to this week's winners of the following awards;

Merkhima in Madagascar, Teddy in Egypt and Nicolas in Kenya.

Isabel in Egypt, Maria in Madagascar and Abina in Kenya.

Amira in Kenya, Janisha in Madagascar and Maryam in Egypt.

Todor in Madagascar for completing homework on Class Dojo.

KS1 Marvellous Mathletics

KS1 Bronze Mathletics certificates from the 1st to 13th September have been awarded to Majus and Daniel O in Madagascar and Elda in Kenya.

Last week’s KS1 Bronze Mathletics certificates have been awarded to Nuhaa in Palau, David and Daniel K in Madagascar, Maryam in Egypt and Amen and Marvellous in Kenya.

Silver Certificates has been awarded to Elda in Kenya and Taha in Palau.

Well done everyone​

Letter to parents and guardians: when you should book a coronavirus test for your child

Dear parents and guardians,

This is an important letter to share some information on how we can work together to make sure we can continue to give children and young people the best education in the safest way possible.

One important part of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of pupils, students, parents and our communities is testing for coronavirus. We all have a duty to make sure that the right people have access to get tested at the right time. Every time a test is used inappropriately, a person with COVID-19 symptoms may miss out on getting tested.

Therefore, I ask that you all follow these principles:

you should only book a test if your child has any of these 3 coronavirus symptoms:
a high temperature: any new high temperature where your child feels hot to touch on their chest or back (you do not need to measure the temperature)
a new continuous cough: coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
a loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste: a noticeable loss of smell or taste or things smell and taste different to normal
your child does not need a test if they have a runny nose, are sneezing or feeling unwell but do not have a temperature, cough or loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste because these are not normally symptoms of coronavirus
if you are unsure about whether to get a test, please check the official list of symptoms on the NHS website, which is reviewed regularly
only the person with symptoms should get a test. You do not need to get a test for anyone else in the household unless they also have any of the 3 symptoms listed above. All members of the household need to self-isolate whilst waiting for the test result
if the person with symptoms’ test comes back positive, other members of their household should continue self-isolating for 14 days and only get a test if they develop coronavirus symptoms
if a pupil or student in a class or bubble tests positive for coronavirus, anyone who is advised to self-isolate does not require a test unless they subsequently develop symptoms.

No one else in the same class or bubble as the symptomatic person needs to take any action unless advised by the school or college. Schools and colleges have detailed guidance and access to a Department for Education and Public Health England helpline for advice and support.

Contacts of a person who has tested positive must follow the guidance carefully and in full, which means they must stay at home for 14 days. This is because it can take several days following contact with an infected person before an individual develops symptoms or the virus can be detected. Students should only book a test if they get symptoms.

The NHS has produced some guidance to help parents understand when their child can and cannot attend school which you may find useful.

It is vital for children and young people’s learning and future opportunities that they are able to return to school and college. It is therefore vitally important that all we work together and do our bit to make this possible.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Viv Bennett CBE
Chief Nurse and Director Maternity and Early Years, Public Health England

Dr Susan Hopkins
Interim Chief Medical Officer, NHS Test & Trace
Deputy Director, Public Health England
Consultant in Infectious Diseases & Microbiology, Royal Free, London

Weekly Newsletter - 25th September 2020

Dear Parent/carers,

Thank you for your cooperation- we have the morning drop off and afternoon collections off to a fine art and it’s so lovely to see the younger children developing their independence and bringing themselves into school from the gate. 

Unfortunately the number of confirmed cases of Covid in Havering continues to rise and, with the large numbers of adults attending to drop off or collect pupils, social distancing is difficult. I would therefore request that parents consider wearing masks to safeguard themselves, their families and our community. If you intend coming on site I must now insist you wear a mask please.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our part time nursery pupils next week but would ask that parents please drop off siblings prior to dropping off nursery children please.

Thursday October 1st is census day and we really need as many pupils as possible to order a school meal as our budget for next year is determined by the number of school dinners ordered. Our cook is going to put on a special menu for that day so please support us. A number of parents have asked when we will be offering hot food choices, especially as the weather gets colder-I’m pleased to say we will definitely be in a position to offer hot choices week beginning 5th October.

Please be aware that if your child or someone in your household develops coronavirus symptoms then you MUST telephone the school office immediately, keep your child off school and book in for a test. You can find information regarding symptoms from the NHS here. We will then discuss with you what happens next. 

Reception collection

We have had a rethink about timings. As we are aware parents have to collect siblings at different times, to avoid you having to hang around in cold/wet conditions- Reception pupils can be collected from their classrooms between 12:30 and 13:00.

Year 6 Parents

As your child is in Year 6, you will need to make an application for him/her to start secondary school in September 2021. Without an application your child will not be offered a Secondary school place.

Please visit the Havering website where you will find a brochure titled  ‘Transferring to a Havering Secondary School in September 2021’ along with a short presentation video which explains the application process and answers some of the most common questions asked by parents. You will also find a link to the application system (eAdmissions).

To ensure that you gain a clear understanding of the process we urge you to view these resources before you make any application.

If after reading the brochure and watching the video you have any further questions, please email the school admissions team via or call the team on 01708 434600.

All applications for Secondary Schools must be submitted online by no later than 31 October 2020.

Diary Dates
Term Dates 2020-21
Autumn Term
Monday 7th September - Friday 23rd October
Monday 2nd November - Friday 18th December

Spring Term
Monday 4th January - Friday 12th February
Monday 22nd February - Thursday 1st April
Summer Term
Monday 19th April - Friday 28th May
Monday 7th June - Friday 23rd July 

INSET Days 2020-2021






Thursday 3rd September 

Friday 4th  September  

Monday 22nd February

Friday 28th May

Friday 23rd July

After School Clubs 

We are not able to run after school clubs this half term, but will review the situation at half term.


Attendance this week was 94%, which is below our target, but I appreciate in these unprecedented times we are all being very careful to protect ourselves and each other during this awful pandemic.

Please be reminded pupils can come to school with common colds, but not if they have a temperature or persistent cough.

Pupils are expected to attend ALL week and the Education Welfare Officer will be made aware of those who don’t attend on Fridays.

Havering Catering Services 

Week beginning 

Attendance Update

Year 5&6

Year 3&4







Well done to U.S.A class who had the highest attendance in Y5&6  at 99% . Scotland had the highest attendance in LKS2 and overall at 99%  and Madagascar had the highest attendance in KS1  and overall at  99.4%. Well done to them!. The overall attendance was 94%  which is well below our  target!. 

Star Writers:

These children have used a range of powerful vocabulary and techniques to become a Star Writer; Ella in Germany, Luka in Northern Ireland, Merkhima in Madagascar, Nicolas in Kenya, Ignacy in New Zealand, Aubree in Palau,  David in Scotland, Jacob in Wales, Felicity in U.S.A, Filip in Italy, River in Canada, Dollie-Mae in Mexico, Aum in Australia, Jacob in Chile, Teddy in Egypt, Justice in Brazil, Ema in Greece and Rebekah in Argentina. Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Learning Power Awards:

These are the awards we present to the pupils when they have demonstrated one of our four learning skills: Resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness & resourcefulness. 

Well done to Jake in Germany and Lenny in Australia who receive certificates for resilience.

Certificate of Presentation:

Well done to Maria in Madagascar, Abina in Kenya, Isabel in Egypt, Zuzanna in New Zealand, Mia and Stanley in Palau, Fareeda in Scotland, Arjya in Wales and  Damira and Grace in Australia who have presented their work beautifully; They have shown pride in their work and taken care with their handwriting and number formation.

I have made my teacher happy/WOW Award



Tommy R, Tommy C, Sofia, Charlotte, Nicole, Rahat, Rayyan, Riddhi, Chase, Dianna, Ronnie, Dovydas, Lexi, Kevin and Daisy from Germany.

For completing extra maths and literacy homework at home. 

Maisy, Layla, Charley, Taha, Stanley, Angelo and Noah in Palau

For completing their homework

Todor in Madagascar

For completing work in Classdojo

Lexi, Ella, Ignacy, Zuzanna, Jacob, Dora, Poppy, Ria, and Donovan in New Zealand

For completing homework on Class Dojo

Sarah, Ema and Vansh in Greece

For fantastic Maths/Science work at home

E for Excellence Winners:

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.


All the children for settling in so well




All the children for settling in so well



St Lucia

All the children for settling in so well



New Zealand











Brooke T













N. Ireland





Joshua C



Have a fabulous weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs L Smith

First Week fun in Nursery

 What a great first week our full time Nursery children have had. They have settled in so well and really loved the range of activities .

Here are some of the highlights of their first week.

Year Six Spellings

Here are the Year Six spellings for this week. Use the paper sheet or the task on Google Classroom to write the definitions of each word. Pupils will be tested on Friday 2nd October. Practice hard and good luck!


Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Local Authority Letter to School Parents - Covid-19 Update September 2020

September 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Dear Parents & Carers,

I hope you and your family are safe and well at this difficult time. Many of you continue to face significant challenges, and I thank you for your continued support to the national response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Our head teachers and school staff have worked very hard to ensure that children could return to school this month, and it remains vital for all children to be in school to help minimise the longer-term impact of the pandemic on their education, wellbeing and wider development.

However, you will have seen the worrying news that cases of Covid-19 have been increasing locally, so it has never been more important that you do your bit in reducing the risk of transmitting the virus. 

Please adhere to any new processes that your school has put in place, as these have been introduced to ensure the safety of your child, the staff, and the wider community. 

Parents are also reminded to set an example to their children by following social distance rules and wearing a face covering at the school gates, unless you have good reason not to.

Since the return to school, we have seen a very small number of schools affected by positive cases of Covid-19. This has meant in some instances, a class or a year group bubble being sent home and asked to self-isolate for 14 days. Before re-opening, we worked with schools to ensure they had measures in place so they could manage any cases in the best possible way, to reduce disruption for the whole school. These measures are now coming into action.

If someone at your child’s school tests positive for Covid-19, the local authority, Department for Education, and Public Health England will work with your child’s school to risk assess who else should be advised to self-isolate. Children and adults should only get tested if they have symptoms. School lessons for the rest of the pupils will continue as normal.

We know that as a parent you will want peace of mind if your child’s class or bubble has been sent home, but please only book a test if your child has symptoms. At the moment, we have been told there is a shortage of laboratory capacity, which means Covid-19 tests need to be prioritised for people with symptoms. If you book a test without symptoms, you will be taking a slot from someone who is more likely to have the virus.

If your child does have symptoms, has a test and it shows as positive, they and their household will be required to self-isolate and you will be contacted by the NHS test and trace system team to find out who else they have been in recent close contact with. If a pupil (including your child) or staff member has been in close contact with a person who has Covid-19, they will need to self-isolate for 14 days to help prevent the virus spreading further – the rest of the household does not need to isolate unless someone develops symptoms. If your child is sent home, they will continue with their studies remotely - if they are able to do so.

If your child or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19 (a temperature, a new continuous cough or loss of/change to taste or smell), do not send your child to school. Contact the school and order a test for whoever has symptoms as soon as possible. To order a test, please call NHS 119 or book online at

If a child or member of staff develops symptoms at school, they will be sent home with advice about what to do. Anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive will need to self-isolate for at least 10 days, and the rest of the household for 14 days, in line with the latest stay at home guidance.

If the test results are negative, your household can usually leave self-isolation and your child can return to school when they no longer are unwell, assuming they haven’t been traced as a close contact of someone who has tested positive, in which case they will still need to wait out the remainder of the 14 day isolation period. A negative test is not required to return back to school at the end of the 14 day isolation period.

Only request a test if you or your child develops symptoms. You can view an online information session and frequently asked questions document via:

We all need to follow the government's advice to reduce the risk of further increases in Covid-19 infections locally as a local outbreak may result in full or partial school closures at short notice. I assure you that our schools will offer a safe environment, and the health and safety of children, their families and staff remains everyone’s first priority during this period.

Thank you for your continued co-operation at this time.

Kind regards,

Cllr Robert Benham                                     Mark Ansell
Deputy Leader of the Council                      Director of Public Health
Cabinet Member for Education,
Children & Families