Thursday, 28 February 2019

A roaring dinosaur day in Reception!

This week in Reception, we are learning all about dinosaurs.

To support our learning, a dinosaur expert came in to talk to us and show us some real dinosaur fossils. Children had the opportunity to act out being real paleontologists, discovering and examining the fossil specimens. Exploring real objects prompted critical thinking and thoughtful questioning from the children.

The children had the chance to showcase their dinosaur knowledge, David explained to his friends “dinosaurs are extinct, that means they got dead” while Gracie told us that “carnivores eat meat”.
Anthony described different dinosaurs to his friends, saying that “The stegosaurus has 4 legs” while Shivanshi used posters to inform her exploration “It’s the ichthyosaurus because it matches the picture”.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we then had a visit from Millie the T-Rex! Some of us were brave enough to pat her and have our photo taken. Honey even confessed “I want Millie to come home with me, I want Millie to be my pet”

The children ended the visit having gained a more detailed knowledge about different dinosaurs and their characteristics, as well as first-hand experience of how we have come to know so much about them.
Benjamin even declared “I want to be that (a paleontologist) when I’m older!”

It was obviously an engaging and inspiring visit!


We have now totally sold out of red noses.  Thank you to everyone who sent in money for their child/ children to purchase them. We will inform you of the total money raised for Comic Relief soon. Don't forget that you can still get your noses (and other merchandise) from Sainsbury's stores. And remember, children can wear their noses to school on 15th March.

Year 6 Spellings



The new spelling list is given to children each Friday. The children are asked to practise their spellings at home for 15 minutes each day. They can practise by putting the words into sentences this will help them to understand how to use each word in the correct contexts. We then encourage the children to use these words within their independent writing activities throughout the week.

Please remind children that their red spelling book should be returned to school each Friday so we can give the children their spellings for the following week.

Children will be tested on these spellings the following Friday.

Year 4 Spring 2 Learning Challenge

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are delighted to provide you with a new Year 4 Learning Challenge for the second half of the Spring Term, based on our science topic ‘Forces’.

This new learning challenge works the same way as the last one, with children choosing which of the activities they would like to complete, but it is more project based and will compliment learning in class.

Although the Learning Challenge is entirely optional, and is in addition to the daily expectation of 15 minutes reading, 15 minutes times tables rehearsal and 15 minutes spellings practice, we have found that a large proportion of children have voluntarily taken up the challenges in the past and have gained a great deal from it. We would therefore greatly appreciate your encouragement to participate. The children will receive a special Learning Challenge certificate at the end of the half term on completion of a project that shows a significant level of effort and challenge undertaken.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, and look forward to working with you this academic year.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Spinks
Year 4 Lead


Year 4 spellings Spring 2 week 2

Here are the spellings for year 4 for next week. The children will be tested on these on Friday 8th March.


Year 4 Spellings Spring 2 Week 1

Here are the spellings for year 4. The children received these on Tuesday and will be tested on them on Friday 1st March.


World Book Day REMINDER

Image result for world book day

World Book Day, which takes place on Thursday, 7th March 2019, celebrates the joy and value of books and the art of reading. The worldwide events of the day are particularly aimed at children. On March 7th, your child may attend school dressed as his/her favourite book character.

On the day, your child will been given a £1 World Book Day token. This can either be exchanged for one of ten special £1 World Book Day books, or it can be used towards the cost of any book priced at £2.99 or more. The token can be redeemed at most UK bookshops. To find your nearest bookshop visit:

The joys and benefits of reading are enormous and we, in school, hope to continue to encourage and enthuse your child with a love for reading that will last well beyond World Book Day.

Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Spinks
Literacy and Language Lead

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Amazing opportunity for our Year 3 children!

Every Year 3 class across the capital has been invited to take part in a very special learning project. This project is led by globally renowned artist, Steve McQueen, with the Tate gallery, who is attempting to create one of the largest group portraits ever made.

Our school is delighted to be a part of this and is excited about seeing our Year 3 class photographs become part of one of the most compelling British artworks of our time. As part of the project, a photographer from Tate is coming to the school to take a class photograph of our Year 3 classes in June. We want to include all children in Year 3 in the photograph as well as the teachers and support staff. After the class photograph has been taken, the children will be able to see their class photograph among thousands of others from primary schools in London in a vast exhibition at the prestigious Tate Britain in central London. It will appear as part of a free public exhibition from November 2019 until May 2020. You will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition and our school will keep you informed of our involvement in the project and how you can take part.

The class photograph that appears in the exhibition will not name any pupils. Once the exhibition is over, the photograph will be returned to the school as a souvenir for our reception area and Tate will keep a copy in its archives, as they do with all the artworks in their national collection, so that they can show the artwork again should there be a future exhibition.

A letter will be going home again tonight for any pupils that have not returned it. Please sign and return this letter as soon as possible if you agree to your child participating in the class photograph and for this to be displayed and stored at Tate as part of this national artwork.

More information about the project can be found here:

Tuesday, 26 February 2019


We still have some red noses left if you haven't got yours yet.  They cost £1.25 and will be available from Miss Redgrave in Palau class between 8.30 and 9.00 am tomorrow.  If there are any left after that they will be on sale in the key stage one playground after school.

Year 3 Learning Challenge Spring 2

We were very impressed with the pupils that completed last half term’s Learning Challenge. We loved seeing the time and effort pupil’s had put into their projects and the results were fantastic. We were particularly amazed by some pupil’s writing and research tasks which are now on display in the school corridor. We are delighted to provide you with the new Learning Challenge for the second half of the Spring Term, based on our topic ‘What makes the earth angry?’

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing more fantastic projects this term.

Our new geography topic is all about earthquakes.
Choose from the following projects below:

Monday, 25 February 2019

Spelling Reminder for Year 6



The new spelling list is given to children each Friday. The children are asked to practise their spellings at home for 15 minutes each day. They can practise by putting the words into sentences this will help them to understand how to use each word in the correct contexts. We then encourage the children to use these words within their independent writing activities throughout the week.

Please remind children that their red spelling book should be returned to school each Friday so we can give the children their spellings for the following week.

Children will be tested on these spellings the following Friday.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Nursery Newsletter Spring 2 Week 1

Image result for sunshine
Spring 2 Week 1
We hope you have had a lovely half term.The weather has certainly been good to us and there are real signs that Spring is on its way.

Thank you for your support while the building work has been going on.We know it hasn`t been easy with the building work but we appreciate your patience particularly in using gate 2.
We were fortunate enough to be able to have a sneaky peak at the new improved Nursery and we can assure you that it is going to be amazing.We are hoping that the Nursery will be finished in the middle of March so we should get the children in and enjoying it by the end of this half term.

We are so pleased with how well the children are doing at Nursery.They loved our story and rhymes section enjoying a whole range of stories.


Please can you make sure your child has a pair of plimsoles in school for our hall sessions
Image result for children's plimsollsIf you could send then in a named bag we would appreciate it.

Image result for mead school coatIndependence
Many of our children are getting more confident with putting on their coats ,hats and gloves.Please wherever possible we would appreciate you encouraging your child to do this at home as this can take up a lot of time at school.Thank you for your help with this

.Please remember to call the office if your child is unwell this saves office staff a lot of time in making phone calls home.

Important dates:
Image result for bucket and spade clipartMonday 25th -School reopens for Spring 2nd half
Thursday 7th March-World Book Day
Friday 29th March-Mothers Day Stay and Play
Friday 12th April-Nursery closes for Easter Holidays
Tuesday 30th April-Children return to school to start Summer Term
Monday 4th May-May day bank holiday

Image result for world book day 2019
Children may dress up as their favourite book character.
Please note that the final day of the summer term will be on Friday 19th July, 2019.
INSET Dates and Polling day for 2018-19
We just have two insets left as shown in the table below.

For any concerns please contact us on
3rd September
4th September
7th January
29th April
3rd June

Reception Newsletter Spring 2 Week 1

                                                                                                                           Spring  2 24.02.19

Dear Parents, Carers

Image result for daffodil clip artWe hope you have had a lovely half term.The weather was certainly kind to us. There are really positive signs that Spring is on its way.

We had a really busy half term learning about Traditional Tales. It was lovely to see how well the children responded to these favourite stories. This week we will be moving onto learning about dinosaurs.We often find this is a time when the children amaze us with their knowledge and can say lots of really long names and know interesting facts. We are really looking forward to seeing who our dinosaur enthusiasts are. We will be reading books from the `Harry and his bucketful of dinosaur' series. On Thursday we have a dinosaur themed day where the children have the opportunity to dig for fossils and get to meet a T-rex.
Image result for trex clip art

 We are pleased with how well the children are starting to use their phonic knowledge to attempt to spell words. Any help you can give the children with writing birthday cards, notes, shopping lists would be appreciated. We will be holding a writing workshop on Wednesday March 13th at 9.00-10.00am. This will be an opportunity for you to talk through ways that you can help your child to develop a love for writing. We hope to see lots of you there.
Image result for writing clip art

As the children are becoming more independent in their early morning routines, we will actively be encouraging parents to say their goodbyes at the doors and allowing the children to walk up the corridor to their classes by themselves . Members of staff will of course be there to greet your child and assist where necessary and be available should you need to speak with them.

Image result for saying goodbye clip artImage result for boy saying goodbye clip art
We will continue with our phonics programme Read, Write Inc, recapping our sounds and practising to blend and write words using their set 1 sounds. In maths we will be

Your child will continue to bring home a reading book (which is changed weekly) and a set of sight words. The expectation is your child reads at least 3 times or more each week. As we are promoting a love of reading, we encourage your child to read a range of books and is not limited to the one we send home with them. Please also remember to make a note of the title of the book your child has read to help them achieve their reading awards.


If your child has any comics at home that they have finished with we would be grateful for them in school. Children enjoy sharing these and having a variety of reading material helps their development.

We have a lost umbrella. If you could check that you have the right umbrella at home, we would very much appreciate it.

We are on Week 3 of this menu. Monday’s choices are:

Red-Pork Sausages with Mash Potato
Blue-Cheesy Tomato Pasta Pot
Green-Vegetable Fingers with Mash Potato

Messages –
  • PLEASE NAME all items of clothing. This will help when returning lost items, particularly jumpers and cardigans with the right child. We are still accumulating a large number of items. Please check your child’s class if they are missing something.
  • Our PE days are Wednesday. Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school. If they wear earrings they need to be removed on this day.
  • Thank you to all those parents who have sent in a named set of spare clothes. If you haven’t yet could you please ensure your child has a named set of spare clothes and underwear on their peg as soon as possible. Please note this does not need to be school uniform.
  • Children can also bring in a pair of named wellies to leave in school. This would be great for use in the mud kitchen and on rainy days.
  • Please actively encourage your child to put away their book bag and hang up their coat in the morning. It would also be really helpful if you could discuss the menu choices with your child the previous night to help them independently find their cupcake and make their lunch choice.
Please can you ensure that if your child is not in school for any reason you call the school to report the absence. This saves the office staff a lot of time spent in making phone calls. 


If your child attends breakfast club, breakfast costs from £1.50. Thank you

Spring 2

Monday 25th February
Children return to school
Thursday 28th February
Dinosaur workshop

Thursday 7th MarchWorld book day
Wednesday 13th March

Friday 15th March
Reception writing workshop

Red Nose Day
Friday 29th MarchMother’s Day stay and play
Friday 12th AprilSchool closes for Easter holidays
Monday 29th AprilINSET DAY
Tuesday 30th AprilSchool reopens
Monday 4th MayMay day bank holiday

Image result for world book day 2019
Reminder children may dress up as their favourite book character

News - 
We would like to wish Taylor and his family good luck and all the best with their move.

INSET Dates and Polling day for 2018-19

We have two inset days left this academic year, please see the dates below:

3rd September
4th September
7th January
29th April
3rd June

Please note that the final day of the summer term will be on Friday 19th July, 2019.

Our learning objectives this term will be listed under these headings:

Personal, Social and Emotional:

Confident to speak to others about own needs, wants, interests and opinions.

Can describe self in positive terms and talk about abilities

Can usually adapt behaviour to different events, social situations and changes in routine.

Communication and Language:

Joins in with repeated refrains.

Can retell a simple story.

Builds up vocabulary that reflects the breadth of their experiences.


Describes main story settings, events and principal characters.

Beginning to be aware of the way stories are structured.

Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipated key events and phrases in rhymes and stories.

Physical Development: 

Forms recognisable letters.

Can usually manage washing and drying hands.

Runs skilfully and negotiates spaces successfully.


To recap number recognition 0-10.

To recap number formation 0-10.

To confidently count to 20 and beyond demonstrating place value.

Understanding the World:

Remembers and talks about significant events in their own experiences.

Shows an interest in different ways of life.

Can talk about some of the things they have observed.

Expressive arts and design:

Constructs with a purpose in mind.

Manipulates material to achieve a planned effect.

Explores colour and how colour can be changed

If you would like to contact a member of the EYFS team via email the address is:

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Reception Team

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Keeping safe in Year 2!

Last week year 2 thought about how to keep safe on the internet and on the roads.
They attended a road safety puppet show and created their own road safety leaflets to teach Dogworthy how to be safe.

Then to mark the National Internet Safety day they watched videos and thought about 'SuperSid's'
top tips when using the Internet.

The children made posters to teach others how to use the Internet safety and sensibly.

Year 2 Newspaper Sculpture

Year 2 constructed a ship out of paper as part of a sculpture work shop led by Darcy, an artist and inventor. The children were mesmerised as Darcy demonstrated how to use some of his own innovative inventions. One of which was used by us to roll paper into strong thin strips that then can be used to create structures. Darcy turns every day materials into works of art.

Who would have thought that a material like newspaper could construct strong structures and objects like stools. To the children's amazement Darcy stood on one such structure.

The children also worked together demonstrating reciprocity as they rolled newspaper and then compressed it in one of the specially invented machines.  The sticks they made were then fixed with cable ties. They attached these together and gradually created a ship to conclude out topic work on Columbus.  We have not yet named it by we will have to name it after one of the original fleet.

The ship will spend its life in our outside learning environment as one thing it is not is seaworthy!

Request for 2 litre bottles

Year One need lots of 2 litre plastic drinks bottles for a science experiment we are carrying out after half term.  If you have any could you please send them in with your child and they will be passed on to us.
Thank you.
The Year One Team

Friday, 15 February 2019

Reception Star Writers

The children in Reception have been trying really hard to use their correct pencil grip, hear and write the initial sounds in words and form their letters correctly during their independent learning time.

Well done to this week's star writers:
Barbados - Kydeigh
Jamaica - Todor
St Lucia - Maathumai

E for Excellence Winners

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.
Barbados -Nevaeh
Wales -Taylor
Jamaica -David
Scotland -Aaliyah
St Lucia -Teddy
Germany -Harrison
New Zealand -Chloe
Greece -Harman
Australia -Gabriel
Italy -David
Palau -Siddi
U.S.A -Vyte
Madagascar -Billy
Canada -Carrie
Egypt -Michael
Mexico -Amanda
Kenya -Harry
Chile -Izzy
N. Ireland -Sulejman
Brazil -Frankie
Argentina -Chase

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy
Jett and Layla in Jamaica -For moving up to red books,
Yasmin in Jamaica -For overcoming her fear of dogs
Iziah in St Lucia -For his hard work in Read Write Inc.
Mickey-Ray in St Lucia -For his independent writing.
Jasmine in Italy class -For her lovely Rainforest 3D model and her informative Rainforest poster.
Bailey, Riley M and Brea in Scotland -For moving up a reading level
Michael, Deimantas and Muhammad-Ali in Kenya -For completing their Bingo Homework.
Adam in Kenya -For moving up a book band.
Sophia and Siddi in Palau -For completing their homework bingo.
Samuel in New Zealand -For completing his homework bingo.
Dami, Francesca and Daniel B in Madagascar -For homework.
Layla-Mai, Alfie, Lilly, Ava, Daniel G, Sarah, Mariama, Leona and Ruby in Madagascar -For moving up a book band.
Samuel, Lenny, Summer, Iulian, Charleigh-May and Arya in New Zealand -For moving up a reading level.
Aamir, Leo and Devor in Australia -For completing their homework bingo.
Aamir in Australia. -For excellent jobs
Katherine, Dennis, Zachary, Eva, Michael, Sienna, Dev, Lottie, James, Nisa, Siddi, Rio, Sumad, Lara and David in Palau -For moving up a Read, Write, Inc group.
Eleni in Palau -For moving up a book band.
Bella in N. Ireland -For her book review and facts about Mount Vesuvius
Sofia, Riddhi, Nicole, Chase, Kajus, Elise and Tommy C in Egypt -For Bingo homework.
Michael, Jake, Jayden, Dianna, Ronnie, Remi, Sofia, Hurairah, Tommy R, Charlie, Lukas and Daisy in Egypt -For moving up a book band.
Alexandru and Sophiat in Germany -For super rainforest models
Tim in Germany-For his layers of the rainforest poster;
Aliyah in Germany -For her interesting rainforest booklet.
Matthew and Eduard in Barbados -For moving up a book band
Alexandra in Mexico -For learning different languages
Milana in N.Ireland -For completing the maths challenge
Ellie and Yvie in Italy -For their amazing Rainforest projects