Monday, 30 November 2020


 Winter Grant Scheme

Havering Council has launched a new package of financial support to help residents through the winter months - further details can be found here. The COVID Winter Grant Scheme will allow the Council to help the most vulnerable households and families with children who have been worst affected by the pandemic.

This help means low-income families will be able to claim cash payments of £170.00 a month to help with heating and other essential utility bills. Meanwhile individuals or smaller households with low incomes can also get £100 per month to keep their homes warm this winter.

Residents can apply for support online through the existing DABD online application form, and DABD will then follow up applications by phone. People can view the full eligibility criteria and apply for support at: 


The Winter Grant Scheme also includes the continued support to ensure no child goes hungry during the school holidays.

The Havering Christmas 2020 School Meal Holiday Scheme provides £30 per child over the two week Christmas holiday period for children who are of statutory school age and who are eligible under for benefit related free school meals during term time.

If parents/carers received payment for the October half term support scheme, they do not need to apply for the Christmas 2020 scheme and will receive money into their nominated bank account automatically.

If parents/carers did not apply in October but wish to do so now, or their circumstances have changed and are now eligible for benefit related free school meals, they can apply using the link below;

Applications open on 30 November 2020 and close on 11 December 2020.

Friday, 27 November 2020

Year 2 Awards

 Year 2 have had another successful week and here are our award winners for this week:

These children have completed their Silver and Bronze Trackers:

Great handwriting and presentation has been demonstrated by these children:

Our Star Writers.

These children have WOWED us!

Well done to these children for working hard to improve their reading.

Well done David and Krasimir who have excelled.

We are all so proud of you. 

Keep up the good work!

Marvellous Mathletics in KS1 and EYFS

 What a fantastic week. Thank you to everyone that has been on Mathletics. 

These Reception children have achieved 1000 points on Mathletics last week and have been awarded their Bronze Certificate.

Skyla, Ella, Sethika, Aayan, Jacob, Victoria and Manha in Antigua,

Elwin, Tyler, Camelia, Milena, Olivia Ho, Amirah, Kamil, Zelda and Sebastian in Barbados,

Joanna, Lilly, Nathan K, Tejan and David Ts in Jamaica,

Callum, Henry, Justas, Isla, Amelia D, Lenny M, Eric and Lenny L in St Lucia.


These KS1 children have achieved 1000 points on Mathletics last week and have been awarded their Bronze Certificate.

Esther, Hollie-Ray, Audrey, Aisha, Poppy, Logan, Natalia, Ralph, Samhita, Isla, Damira, Grace, Amelia Nicoleta, Visha, Avyukt, Aum and Leya in Australia,

Amelia, Darius, Domas, William, Ria, India-Rose, Sandra, Donovan, Dora, Zuzanna, Shayan and Ella in New Zealand,

Noah, Arsalaan, Moksha, Nuhaa, Kajus, Mia-Monroe, Emilia, Maisy and Taha in Palau,

David, Dempcee-Leigh, Daniel R, Layla, Merkhima, Paulina , Daniel K, Majus, Alexander, Janisha and Daniel O in Madagascar,

Joshua, Carter, Izampela, Hazel, Tommy and Maryam in Egypt.

Eduard, David, Amen, Antony, Harrison, Marvellous, Vlad and Kaden in Kenya.


Silver Certificates has been awarded to children that have achieved 5 Bronze Certificates.

Well done to Rayan in Antigua, Domas, Zofia, Ruby and Emilia in Barbados, Nancy, Favour and Jessica in Jamaica, Millie in St Lucia, Shay in Australia, Izabela in New Zealand, Charley and Amaan in Palau, Evelin in Madagascar, Cristian and Vilte in Kenya.


Gold Certificates have gone to children that have achieved 4 Silver Certificates.

Well done to Ignacy in New Zealand and Isabel in Egypt.


Top classes were:

Reception: Barbados 

Year 1: Palau

Year 2: Kenya

New Zealand

Italy Class certificates.

Well done to Italy Class certificate winners. 


Year 3 Certificate Winners

Well done to our Year 3 certificate winners this week!

E for Excellence: Leo in Northern Ireland, Sofia in Wales and Zachary in Scotland.
Star Writers: James in Scotland, Jake in Northern Ireland & Evie in Wales.

Tracker: Dev and David in Scotland.
Certificate of Presentation:  Tehzeeb in Wales and Alexis in Scotland.

Reading Awards: David and Sky in Northern Ireland, Nisa in Scotland and Evie, Charleigh, James and Tehzeeb in wales.
WOW Award: Arjya, Evie, Chloe, Charliegh-May, Chloe, Bella-Leigh & Jacob in Wales.

Lunchtime Award: Chloe and Arthur in Wales and Sienna and Sumad in Scotland.
Mathletics: These children have been awarded a bronze certificate in Mathletics; David, Bogdan, Maximilian, Nisa, Olivia, Dev and Katherine in Scotland, Joshua, Roberto, Michael N and David in Northern Ireland, Jacob, Maya, Oghomwen, Tehzeeb, Bella-Leigh, David, Jokubas, Victoria, Sofia and Jared in Wales,

These children have been awarded a silver certificate for achieving 5 Bronze certificates in Mathletics; Michael N in Northern Ireland, Sofia and David in Wales. Nisa and Katherine in Scotland.

These children have been awarded a gold certificate for 20 consistent weeks of work; Katherine in Scotland and Sofia in Wales.

The four R's: Zach in Wales and Rio and Esmai in Scotland Class.
Fact Hunters: Sumad in Scotland has been awarded a certificate for his fabulous facts.

Another big well done to year 3 and 4 who achieved 98.8% attendance this week.

We are so proud of you all. keep up the fantastic work :)

Year Four Germany Awards

Congratulations to Sofia who is Germany's E for Excellence winner this week. Sofia always tries her hardest at every task and puts great thoughtfulness into her work. 

This week's Star Writer is Rianne. Rianne used her writing skills to produce a great science investigation report, and powerful emotive adjectives to write a diary entry. 


Tommy C has been awarded a Handwriting Award for his impeccable written presentation. 


Evie (absent) showed great resilience to produce a wonderful piece of writing in a difficult task. 

Nazmie received a Maths Challenge award for completing difficult maths work in a second language!



Well done and Wow! to Nicole, Charlotte, Jake, Tommy R, Remi, Kajus, Lucas, Mahir, Riddhi, Chase and Charlie for completing homework. 

Finally, great work to Lexi, Ronnie, Tommy R, Chase, Charlie, Tommy C, Remi and Lucas for displaying a kind and thoughtful attitude at lunchtime. 


Year One have had another successful week!

Well done to Karl in Palau, and India in New Zealand for reading 10 books.

Amelia in Australia have read 25 books, receiving a bronze reading award.

We also have Lily in Austalia who received silver reading awards this week for reading 50 books.

Amaan in Palau and Ignacy and Zuzanna in New Zealand read 75 books and received/will receive a book of their choice.

Well done to Zuzanna and Ignacy in New Zealand, Porsha and Angelo in Palau and Damira in Australia who all achieved WOW Awards this week.

Coby in New Zealand, Emilia in Palau, and Leona in Australia received Handwriting Awards.

The Star Writer certificates were awarded to Freddie in New Zealand, Natalia in Australia and Emma in Palau.

And finally the E for Excellence certificates were awarded to Rayya in New Zealand, Andrey in Australia and Ianis in Palau.

Well done everybody, we are very proud of you all!

Mathletics Competition


Mathletics Competition

Well done to all of you who took part in last weeks Mathletics competition. This was a worldwide competition, with schools competing from countries such as Japan, America, Mexico, France, Italy, Ireland and Malaysia. In total 647 schools took part. We are proud to say that Mead came in 80th position over all, which is an amazing achievement.

The 2 children from each year group with the highest scores were rewarded with a certificate and a prize. The winners were:

Reception: Domas from Barbados and Nathan K from Jamaica

Year 1 : Taha and Nuhaa in Palau

Year 2: Daniel K and Majus in Madagascar

Year 3: Max in Scotland and Arjya in Wales

Year 4: Vansh in Greece and Kajus in Germany

Year 5: Afnan in Canada and Zahi in USA

Year 6: Mahroosh and Anya in Brazil

Well done to all of you,

Mrs Todd and Miss Gibson

Greece Class Certificates


A big well done to Sarah and Lileerae for being Greece's E for Excellence and Star Writer winners.
Congratulations to Daniel B, Ema, Anastasia, Olivia-rose, Jason, Louie and Kajus for their efforts on Mathletics this week. Finally, well done to Daniel G for being the Reader of the Week, Olivia-Rose for being the Mathematician of the Week and to Leona for winning her Bronze reading award.