Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Year 3 - Forest School - Week 9

Today we played ‘find your tree’ while blindfold with a partner. We had lots of fun in the hanging cave, played imaginatively and used nature as a window, made animal homes, got creative with Elder and used the barefoot trail. It was a packed afternoon and everyone is excited about our final session next week.

Well done Year 3!

Monday, 28 June 2021

Parents and Carers of Nursery (pm), St Lucia and Italy,

Dear Parents and Carers of Nursery (pm), St Lucia and Italy,

Additional Class Photographs - Thursday 1st July

Carmel Jane Photography will be at school this Thursday to retake class photographs for Nursery (pm), St

Lucia and Italy. Those taken earlier this month were not able to be developed and Carmel Jane have asked

to retake the pictures.

Ordering photographs

Go to and enter the following code: JRBEK8P

You will then be asked to pre-register with your child's full school register name.

By pre-registering, when the photos are ready you will receive an automatic email notification to inform

you, your child's photos are now ready to be viewed and purchased, you will then be able to create your

account or if you already have an account, please log in to view your child’s images.

All orders will be sent to your home address free of charge for a 2-week window.

Yours sincerely,

Mr D Denchfield

Executive Headteacher, The Learning Federation

Saturday, 26 June 2021

Friday, 25 June 2021

Well done Julianna

Julianna, in Malta Class, has been awarded the E for Excellence certificate this week. Well done Julianna.

Year 3 Star Writers

This week we want to celebrate the fantastic folktale stories that have been written by year 3. We are incredibly proud of the writing that was produced as the children worked so very hard to make sure they included fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and embedded clauses within their stories.
Below are some wonderful examples.

Our Star Writer certificate winners this week are;

Oghomwen in Wales
Max in Scotland.
Roberto in Northern Ireland.

Germany Award Winners

Congratulations to Riddhi. Riddhi has earned her E for Excellence certificate by always listening, trying her best in every lesson, and showing curiosity about the world around her. Riddhi practices her learning both in and out of school, pursuing her academic interests on her own. Well done Riddhi!

Charlie used amazing vocabulary to write paragraphs set one hundred years ago, showing an understanding of setting and time. Well done Charlie!

Lastly, Kajus has won a Bronze Mathletics Award this week! Congratulations Kajus!

Well done to all winners!


Weekly Newsletter -Amazing Awards


Star Writers

These children have used a range of powerful vocabulary and techniques to become a Star Writer. Well done to Charlie (Germany), Ender and Zymal (Antigua), Jeremiah and Dennie (Barbados), Roberto (Northern Ireland), Oghomwen (Wales), Brooke T (USA) Mahashree (Jamaica), Coby (New Zealand), Isla (Australia), Lorienne (Palau),Max (Scotland), Diamond (Egypt), Kali (Canada), Nazia (Brazil), Vanesa (Argentina), Katie (Italy), Ryan (Madagascar), Alfie (Mexico) Millie (Kenya), Freya and Ella (St Lucia), Michael (Greece), Yvie (Chile).

Congratulations to these children who have demonstrated one of our four learning skills.

Learning Power



Alexa (USA), Freddie (Scotland), Connie (Italy) 


Harry (Italy) 


Andy (Italy) 


Albert (Italy) 

Tracker Awards
Congratulations to these children who have finished their Tracker. We are very proud of their achievements!


Poppy and Grace (Australia) Zuzanna and Donovan (New Zealand) Ella-Louise (Madagascar) Frazer (Kenya) 


Jack and Renesmee (Egypt)


Jake (Northern Ireland)


Melisa (USA), Gracie (Egypt) Paulina (Madagascar)

Certificate of Presentation
Well done to Seiar (Northern Ireland) Fausta (New Zealand), Avyukt (Australia), Sophia (Scotland), Ordery (Italy) who have presented their work beautifully.

Reading Awards
Reading is one of the most important skills we can teach our children. We are very proud of these who have demonstrated a real commitment to their reading. Well done!

10 books read. 

They receive a bookmark.

Ugo (Egypt) Felicity, Shomari (USA)

25 books read. 

They receive a Bronze Reading Award.

Fausta (New Zealand) Stephanie, Lily (Jamaica)

Daniel (Scotland)

Charlotte G (Egypt)

Mohammad (Madagascar)

50 books read.

They receive a Silver Reading Award and a £5 book token.

Aisha (Australia)

Ty (Egypt)

Alexa (Palau)

75 books read.

They receive a book of their choice.

Kojo and Milena (Barbados)

James (Scotland)

Alice (Madagascar)

100 books read. 

They receive a Gold Reading Award and a trophy.

Andrey (Australia) Jessica (Jamaica)

150 books read. 

They receive a Platinum Certificate and a trophy. This is some achievement!

Ignacy (New Zealand) Nathan K(Jamaica)

Amelia H (St Lucia)

Mathletics Award

Yet more fantastic achievements, this time for Maths. Excellent work!

Bronze certificate

Sandra, Daniel, Dora, Zuzanna and Ella (New Zealand), Justas, Oguzcan and Akhila (St Lucia), Zakariya and Manha (Antigua), Olivia, Domas, Zelda, Emilia and Sebastian (Barbados), Jett, Maathumai and Maryam (Egypt), Aisha, Malakai, Samhita, Hollie-Ray, Avyukt, Aum and Grace (Australia), Moksha and Nuhaa (Palau), Merkhima, Daniel K, Majus and Janisha (Madagascar), Saam, Elda, Aayan, Eduard, Vilte and David (Kenya), Jessica, Nancy, Nathan, David and Mahir (Jamaica), David, Haydar and Michael N (Northern Ireland), Jokubas and Oghomwen (Wales), Hayden, Emily, Rehan, Lenny, Taylor (USA), c Nicole, Milana and Dominik (Mexico), Daniel B, Kajus (Greece), Kajus (Germany), Afnan, Aiza, Andriana, Olivia, Sonny, Austeja (Canada) 

Silver certificate

Amelia and Donovan (New Zealand), Eden (St Lucia), Victoria (Antigua), Poppy, Logan and Andrey (Australia), Emma (Palau), Zachary (Scotland), Milana (Mexico), Afnan and Olivia (Canada)

Gold certificate

Ruby (Barbados)

WOW! Award



Marley (Antigua)

Moving up a book band. 

Nathan K (Jamaica)

Sai, David T, Joanna, Ameilia, Sky, Sienna



Working hard on their handwriting.

Settling into her new class so well.

Dora (New Zealand)

For her brilliant homework.

Lexi, Sidiq and Rayya (New Zealand)

For working really hard on their reading at home. 

Levi, Hazel, Amber, Ugo, Gracie, Ty, Alesha, Frankie, Jack and Teddy (Egypt)

For moving up a book band.

Roman G (Palau)

For amazing dancing.

Malta Class

For brilliant behaviour during the fire alarm and waiting patiently in the rain.

Alice (Madagascar)

Alice, Muhammad, and Dempcee

For reading 75+ books at home. 

For moving up a book band.

Cristian, Eduard, Nicolas, Vlad, David, Kydeigh, Samuel, Frazer, Elda, Antony, Oliver, Amen, Saam, Anna, Harrison and Honey

For moving up a book band. 

Lenny M, Evelyn, Justas, 


For trying really hard with their letter formation during handwriting lessons.

For her tenacity in self correcting her work.

Alexa, Tia, Jessica, Dinuki (USA)

For  becoming a free reader.

Brooke D, Brooke T, Ellie-Mae, Emily, Felicity, Harry, Hayden, Ian, Lenny, Tyler, Jake, Joe, Jaime, Teddy, Shomari and Jesse (USA) 

For moving up a book band.

E for Excellence Winners
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.


Ezra and Emilia




Robertand Nathan N



St Lucia








New Zealand
























N. Ireland






Congratulations to everyone who achieved an award this week, we are very proud of you!

Year 3 Certificate Winners

Well done to our Year 3 certificate winners this week!

E for Excellence Awards: Paige (Northern Ireland), Jacob (Wales), Daniel (Scotland).
Star Writer Awards: Roberto (Northern Ireland), Oghomwen (Wales), Max (Scotland).

WOW Awards: Rio (Wales).
Reading Awards: James, Daniel, David A (Scotland), Oghomwen (Wales).

Tracker Awards: Jake (Northern Ireland).
Mathletics Awards: 
Bronze Certificte: David, Haydar and Michael N (Northern Ireland), Jokubas and Oghomwen (Wales), David, Haydar and Michael N (Northern Ireland), Jokubas and Oghomwen (Wales).
Silver Certificate: Zachary (Scotland).

Presentation Awards: Seiar (Northern Ireland), Sophia (Scotland).

Well done to all of year 3 for their fantastic efforts this week!

We are so proud of you all. 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

The Year 3 Team 

Weekly Newsletter 25/06/21 - Important Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

Open Evening

As we are unable to hold our end of term Open Evening, we are offering parents the opportunity to request a telephone meeting with your child’s teacher to discuss their school report. The reports are due to be given out on Monday 12th July so telephone meetings will be that week and possibly the week after. Please use the link below to request a telephone meeting. Google Request for a telephone meeting to discuss your child’s report.

Summer Reading Challenge

The annual summer reading challenge is back this year! This is run through your local library with the aim of encouraging reading over the summer holiday. It would be really good if you could encourage your child/children to take part. Summer Reading Challenge.


Please return all Chromebooks back to the school on either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Thank you.

PE equipment from home

Please do not allow the children to bring into school any PE equipment (balls, skipping ropes etc). The school will provide equipment for the children at break and lunchtime. Thank you.


This week’s attendance is 93% which is well below our target and meant that many children missed valuable learning time. As we enter the final few weeks of the summer term, good attendance is really important as we complete the end of many topics and continue to catch up on any learning that may have been missed during the pandemic. Thank you for your support with this.

Key Information and dates

Squid login

Havering Catering Lunch Menu

Monday 28th June Y3 Sports Afternoon (Parents cannot attend).

Tuesday 29th June Y4 Sports Afternoon (Parents cannot attend).

Wednesday 30th June Y5 Sports Afternoon (Parents cannot attend).

Thursday 1st July Y6 Sports Afternoon (Parents cannot attend).

Monday 5th July Y2 Sports Afternoon (Parents cannot attend).

Tuesday 6th July Y1 Sports Afternoon (Parents cannot attend).

Wednesday 7th July YR Sports Afternoon (Parents cannot attend).

Thursday 8th July Malta Rainbow Olympics and picnic (Parents cannot attend).

Monday 12th July Reports given out (children to take them home).

Thursday 22nd July Final day of the Summer Term (normal hometime).

Thursday 2nd September Back to school.

Friday 22nd October Last day of school.

Monday 1st November School Closed to children - Staff INSET day

Tuesday 2nd November Back to school.

Friday 17th December Last day of school.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Mr D Denchfield

Executive Headteacher, The Learning Federation