Friday, 3 December 2021

Weekly Newsletter -03/12/21- Important Information


Dear Parents and Carers,

Application to open for the Christmas School Holiday Meal Scheme

Applications for the Christmas School Holiday Meal Scheme will close today at 5pm.

Through the Government’s Household Support Fund, the Council has allocated funding to continue the School Holiday Meal Scheme for December, which will allow eligible families to receive £30 per child to cover the two-week Christmas school break.
The scheme provides funds to ensure that eligible families can purchase food over the holidays to replace the meals a child would have received during a school day. The application window will open for a short period from Friday 26 November at 9 am, closing on Friday 3 December at 5 pm.

Families who have previously received payment via the scheme do not need to reapply and will automatically receive the funds into their nominated bank. If you believe you may be eligible – please contact our school office and we will be please to help you – or you can check out the details on the Council’s website

Christmas Performances

To ensure safety for all we ask that all adults take a LFD Test before attending the Christmas performances and whilst in school wear a mask to ensure that we minimise the risk to our school community. We will ensure that the hall is ventilated adequately and hand sanitizer and masks will be made available. Should you display Covid symptoms (a new cough, temperature or loss of taste/smell) you must not attend the performance. We are limiting the number of people attending the performances and only 2 tickets have been allocated per child.

YN - Y6 Class Parties - Thursday 16th December (pm)

To celebrate Christmas, we will be holding class parties on Thursday 16th December. The children should still wear their school uniform. It will not be necessary to send in party clothes.

We would be grateful for donations for your child’s class party which could include any from the following:
  • Crisps 
  • Iced Gems 
  • Biscuits 
  • Small Cakes
  • Mini sausages 
  •  Chicken Nuggets 
  • Sausage Rolls 
  • Breadsticks

We would request that contributions do not contain nuts and are brought in the day before/the day of the party. If possible, please send in food items that are individually wrapped. The school will provide water and fruit cordial throughout the afternoon as well as paper plates and disposable cups.

If your child has a specific allergy or dietary requirement, you may provide your child with a specific plate of food for the party. This should be clearly labelled and brought to school on the day of the party.

A separate letter has been sent to the parents and carers of children in Malta (ARP) with further details.

Key Information and dates

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Havering Catering Lunch Menu

Wednesday 15th December Christmas Jumper Day

Thursday 16th December Christmas Parties

Friday 17th December Last day of school.

Tuesday 4th January School Closed to children - Staff INSET Day

Wednesday 5th January Children return to school (8-40 start as normal)

Thursday 27th January Reading and Phonics Parent Partnership Morning

Friday 11th February Last day of school.

Monday 21st February School Closed to children - Staff INSET Day

Tuesday 22nd February Children return to school (8-40 start as normal)

Thursday 10th March Homework Parent Partnership Morning

Yours sincerely,

Ms A Holmes

Head of School

Celebration Awards


Achievement Certificates

Well done to this week’s Achievement Certificate winners who are Samir and Hollie (Madagascar). Janvi, Amy and Lexi (Egypt).

Malta’s Star of the Week

Many congratulations to Jessica who has been awarded Malta’s Star of the Week for her improved reading and maths.

Star Writer Certificates

These children have excelled with their writing this week. Well done to Barack (Antigua), Marley (Fiji) Freddie (Greece), Iulian (St Lucia) Emma (Kenya), Natalia (Madagascar), Ella (Palau), Ella (Egypt), Nancy and David D (Australia), Summer(New Zealand), Stephen (USA), Sophie (Mexico), Chajay (Malaysia), Sulejman (China) and Dovydas (Brazil), Antony (Northern Ireland), Chelsea (Barbados), Preston (China), Melisa (Malaysia) Todor (Scotland), Stanley and Mekhi (Kenya), Poppy (Egypt), Samhita (Madagascar), Luka (Greece), Carter (Mexico), David (Germany), Harry (India), Kadisha (India) Rahat (Brazil) and Daniel (USA).

Star Reader Certificates

These children have worked really hard on their reading this week. Well done to Jake (Greece), Milena (St Lucia) Ava (Antigua), Alexa (Kenya), Amelia (Palau), Leona (Madagascar), Ella (Fiji), India (Egypt), Gabriel (Australia), Sarah (USA), Ordrey (Mexico), Julia (China), Jay-Jay (China), Louisa(Malaysia), Inaya (New Zealand) and Frankie (Brazil), Cristian (Northern Ireland), Sapphire (Barbados), Renaz (Scotland), Kali (India), Jack (Wales) Arsalaan (Kenya), Biddy (Egypt), Taylor (Madagascar), Natas (Greece), Leo (Mexico), Jared (Germany), Ivan (China), Mahir (Brazil) and Yanis (USA).

Star Mathematician Certificates

These children have enjoyed a fantastic week with their maths. Well done to Vlad (Northern Ireland), Khasim (Fiji), Ivan (Greece), Jose (St Lucia), Evie (Antigua) Izyan, Porsha and Ianis (Kenya),

Gracie (Madagascar), Sebastian (Palau), Dora (Egypt), Jamie (Australia), Louie (USA), Violet (New Zealand), Carter (Mexico), Ian (Malaysia), Macie-Leigh (Malaysia) and Daisy (Brazil), April (Barbados), Ella-Louise (Scotland), Joshua (Wales) Amaan (Kenya), Shayan (Egypt), Logan (Madagascar), Junior (Greece), Tegan (Mexico), Lenny (Germany), Riddhi (Brazil) and Anastasia (USA).

Mathletics Award

Bronze certificate

Joanna, David T, Jessica, Nathan K and Robert (Australia), Rayan, Lillie, Jeff, Aayan and Manha (Fiji), Layla, Merkhima, Daniel K, Majus, Janisha, Daniel R (Scotland). David, Gabriel and Michael N (Greece) Moksha, Nuhaa, Emma, Mia and Taha (Kenya), Olivia, Domas, Zelda, Zofia, Emilia and Sebastian (Palau),Leya, Andrey, Amelia, Grace, Samhita, Aisha, Logan (Madagascar), Amelia D, Livi, Oguzcan, Lenny M, Akhila and Rayan,  (New Zealand), Kajus (USA) Charlie (Brazil), Vlad, Cristian, Eduard, Kaden & Olivia (Northern Ireland), Azrah, Naomi, Noura, Albert, Dawood, Lily, Ethan, David, Nikole, Rayne (Barbados), Daniel R, Janisha, Majus, Daniel K, Renaz (Scotland) Arsalaan, Moksha, Nuhaa, Emma, Izyan, Mia and Taha (Kenya) , Bobby, Jokubas, Victoria, Jared (Germany), Amy, Domas, Lexi, Ria, India, Izabela, Donovan, Ignacy, Janvi, Dora, Zuzanna and Ella (Egypt)Aisha, Esther, Poppy, Hollie, Andrey, Gracie, Avyukt and Aum (Madagascar), David, Tommy, Chloe, Gabriel, Michael N (Greece), Manvik (Mexico), Emily, Matvejs, Dinuki, Zahi (Malaysia), Olivia (India), Suljeman, Julia, Daniel, Nicole (China)Emil Nicole, Charlotte, Lexi, Dianna, Remi, Maisie and Riddhi (Brazil).

Silver certificate

Robert and David T (Australia), Axrah (barbados), Manha (Fiji), Layla, Daniel K, Janisha (Scotland), Michael N (Greece) Taha (Kenya)Natalia, Isla,, Aum, , Shay(Madagascar), Emilia (Palau), Zuzanna (Egypt) Callum and Justas (New Zealand) Charlie (Brazil) Janisha, Majus (Scotland) Nuhaa, Izyan (Kenya), Victoria (Germany), Sidrah and Shayan (Egypt)Leya and Grace (Madagascar), Tommy (Greece), Emily, Zahi (Malaysia) and Olivia (India).

Gold certificate

David T (Australia), Layla (Scotland) and Avyukt(Madagascar), Manha (Fiji), Emily and Zahi (Malaysia).

Golden Certificate

Congratulations to these children who have been awarded a Golden Certificate as they have made exceptionally good choices linked to The Mead Creed. These certificates are not easy to get so very well done to this week’s winners!

Malta (ARP)

England (YN)

Barbados (YR)


St Lucia (YR)

Antigua (YR)


New Zealand (Y1)


Palau (Y1)


Fiji (Y1)


Australia (Y1)


Madagascar (Y2)


Kenya (Y2)


Egypt (Y2)


Scotland (Y3)


Wales (Y3)

Hazel, Riley, Tyler

Northern Ireland (Y3)

Amen, Honey, Kaden, Samuel, Saim and Aayan

Italy (Y4)


Greece (Y4)

Lola and Ivan

Germany (Y4)

Sofia, Zachary, Chloe, Evie, Summer

Brazil (Y5)

Sofia, Rahat, Kevin, Dovydas, Mahir, Vanya

Mexico (Y5)



USA (Y5)

Olivia, Olivia-Rose, Dami, Leona, Lilly, Mariama

India (Y6)

Ava, Austeja, Helena, Freddie, Olivia, Logan, Bella

China (Y6)

Lexi-Rose, Julia, Jolin, Preston,  Cameron, Kai, Izzy

Malaysia (Y6)

Emily, Shormari, Dinuki, Zahi, Jack, Alexa, Felicity, Melisa, Brooke D, Rehan


Well done to Kenya, India and Scotland who all beat their attendance target last week.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved an award this week, we are very proud of you!

Year 5 & 6 Celebration Assembly


Year 6 Spellings


Here are the Year Six spellings for this week. First look look up the definition of each word. Then, use the paper sheet or the task on Google Classroom to write a sentence using each word. Pupils will be tested on Friday 10th December. Practise hard and good luck!


Year 3 & 4 Celebration Assembly


Thursday, 2 December 2021

Ten Pin Bowling Panathlon 2021

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the annual Ten Pin Bowling Panathlon at Rollerbowl in Collier Row on Thursday the 2nd of December where we competed against 11 other schools in Havering. The members of our team were Joseph, Jacob, Daniel and Nicholae. We worked very hard and through our resilience and determination, we were able to secure third place. We were extremely proud of our Bronze medals. Daniel won an award for achieving the biggest amount of strikes and spares. ‘It was incredible and I cannot believe it!’: Daniel said after he was presented with his award. Everyone had a fantastic time and it was an event to be remembered.

Amazing work

The children in Madagascar have been working really hard and made such good progress with their trackers. Well done! Mr Denchfield πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ»