Friday, 2 April 2021

Well done Bella

Bella is this weeks winner of the E for Excellence certificate for Malta Class. Well done.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Year 2 Awards

 Year 2 have had a very productive and enjoyable return to school this half term. 

We are so proud of all of the children.  

Here are the E for Excellence award winners: Saam(Kenya), Ugo(Egypt) Robbie(Madagascar).

Here are our Star Writers: Amen(Kenya), Kaycie-Jo(Madagascar) and Joshua(Eygpt).

Well done to the children that received reading awards.

A big well done to the WOW certificate winners.

These children completed their trackers.

Finally a big well done to these children for great presentation and handwriting this week.

Today we finished the term off with an Easter Egg hunt in the sun.

Happy Easter everyone!

Year 1 Awards

Year One have had another successful week!

Natalia in Australia, Amber and Amy in New Zealand, and Kajus in Palau received bronze reading awards for reading 25 books.

Well done to Grace, Aum and Malakai in Australia who received silver reading awards for reading 50 books.

Ria in New Zealand received her gold reading award this week for reading 100 books.

Well done to Rayya and Daisy-Rose in New Zealand, and Taha and Noah in Palau who all received WOW awards this week.

Constantine in Australia class received a handwriting award and Isla received a resourcefulness award.

The Star Writer certificates were awarded to Lenny in Australia, Janvi in New Zealand, and Charley in Palau,

And finally, the E for Excellence certificates were awarded to Lily in Australia, Poppy in New Zealand, and Lexi in Palau.

Well done everybody, we are very proud of you all!

KS2 Mathletics


The winners of Mathletic certificates this week were:

Bronze Awards:

Bogdan, Max, James, Olivia, Sophia and Dev (Scotland), Gabriel and Michael N (Northern Ireland) Kevin (Germany), Kajus (Greece), Andriana, Olivia and Austeja (Canada). ZAhi, Melisa and Louisa (USA).

Silver Awards:

Sophia and Dev (Scotland), Kajus (Greece) Andriana and Olivia (Canada) and Melisa (USA)

An Eruptive Afternoon For Year 3

During the Spring term year 3 have been learning all about volcanoes, mountains and earthquakes within our Geography lessons. Using their new knowledge, the children have also created some superb newspaper reports about disastrous earthquakes in their English lessons.

Today we decided to end our time on this topic with a big bang! The children got the chance to make their very own volcanoes and then erupt them.

We spoke about the chemical reaction that was taking place between the bicarbonate of soda and the vinegar. When both of these things mix a gas is created which pushed up our “lava” and made our volcanoes erupt.

Well done year 3, we are so proud with how hard you have all worked during this topic.



It may look like the year one children are having a just great time in the sunshine (and they are) but they are also improving their skills in many different ways.  The year one outside learning environment is a wonderful place which encourages child-led learning: allowing the children to explore new things and also consolidate learning that has taken place in the classroom.  They are working on their gross motor skills by climbing, balancing, hula-hooping and making assault courses.  Fine motor skills are utilised when constructing marble runs and gravity is explored as the marbles travel down.  The children have recently been learning about capacity and volume and it was lovely to see them using the knowledge learnt when making 'cakes' and 'smoothies' in the sand area.  This knowledge was also secured with water play.  Problem solving and reasoning can be seen happening everywhere, as the children use their initiative and work collaboratively.  These photos  demonstrate that you definitely can have fun and learn at the same time!

Year 5 Certificate Winners

 Well done to our Year 5 certificate winners this week!

E for Excellence: Jack (USA), Jay-Jay (Mexico) and Bailey (Canada)
Star Writers: Lenny (USA), Macie (Mexico) and Georgia (Canada)

Reading Award: Austeja (Canada) for reading 100 books.

Bronze Certificate: Andriana, Olivia and Austeja (Canada) and Zahi, Melisa and Louisa (USA).
Silver Certificate: Andriana and Olivia  (Canada) and Melisa (USA)

Well done to all of year 5 for their fantastic efforts this half term. We hope you all have a lovely Easter break!

We are so proud of you all. keep up the fantastic work :)