Friday, 24 September 2021

Year 3 Star Writers!

 This week in Year 3 we have been using our knowledge of descriptive vocabulary to write descriptions about a forest setting! Children explored the forest to build vocabulary before writing up their final piece. All children have written some fantastic independent work this week and should be very proud.  Our Star Writers have created some fantastic setting descriptions, so well done David to in Scotland, Nicolae in Wales, and Anna in Northern Ireland!

Year One's Marvelous Medicines

In history, the children have been learning about Mary Seacole, a hero from the past. She was born in Jamaica and helped her mother before travelling the world as a nurse. Mary Seacole looked after soldiers in the Crimean war by creating herbal medicines. Just like Mary Seacole, the children made medicines using lemon, ginger, thyme, mint and honey. The children were excited to try their medicine and were proud of the medicine they created. Amirah said "I want to make some medicine for Mummy at home because she's not feeling well". 

Year 4 are Swimming Superstars!

Year 4 are Swimming Superstars!

These children have been swimming superstars last Monday and have swam either 1 width, 2 widths or a length of the swimming pool! Well done to all of these swimmers! Swimming continues every Monday so please ensure that your child has their full swimming kit, including their swimming hat.

These children swam 1 width this week! Lottie, Sophia, Sienna, Bogdan, Luka, Tommy, Alexis, Fareeda, Freddie, Nathan and Dev.

This children swam 2 widths! Sienna, Sophie, Lottie, Bogdan, Dev, Alexis and Fareeda in Italy.

They also swam 1 length! Sienna, Sophia, Lottie, Bogdan, Dev, Alexis and Fareeda in Italy.

These children swam 1 width! Sofia, Lenny, Bella-Leigh, Tehzeeb and Victoria in Germany.

They also swam 2 widths! Sofia, Lenny, Bella-Leigh, Tehzeeb and Victoria in Germany.

And also 1 length! Sofia, Lenny, Bella-Leigh, Tehzeeb and Victoria in Germany.

A real life superhero comes to Mead

The children in year one have been learning about superheroes this half term.  As part of our topic they learnt about real life heroes - otherwise known as 'people who help us'.  As a special treat they received a visit from PC Wayne who told them all about the role of a police officer.  He also showed them his uniform and many different gadgets.  The year ones then had the opportunity to ask PC Wayne questions.  The children had a great time and were super excited to meet a real life superhero!


Year 4 Mathletics Certificates!

 Year 4 Mathletics Certificates!

Congratulations to all of the Mathletics certificate winners in year 4! These children have been working hard at home to complete tasks and challenges on Mathletics to earn bronze, silver and gold certificates. Well done! Keep up the good work!

Sofia, Jokabus, Tilly, Jacob and Victoria in Germany.

Sophia, Sienna, Max, Olivia, David and Zachary in Italy.

There's some Monsters in Y6!

 For the past two weeks, Year 6 have been writing information texts about Monsters! Luckily, none of us have seen a real monster, but we have used our imaginations to create our very own creepy creatures. 

In Miss Hinchliffe's class, Kezrae taught us about The Boldie Goldie, who is made of solid gold and turns humans into golden statues! We also learnt about Toby's Vicious Viking who eats mutant fish using his sword. Luckily, they also wrote instructions on how to trap their monster if we ever see them.

A huge well done to all of Year 6 for their creative monster designs!

Great to see!


The children in Madagascar have been working really hard and have completed their Tracker books.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Mr D