Friday, 31 March 2017

Year 4 Spellings

Here are the spellings for the upcoming term including the first week back. The children will be tested on week 1 on Friday 21st April 2017. 

Week 1 

Please remember to practise your spellings every night for 15 minutes. 


The information on the newsletter about 100% attendees is incorrect.
Please be assured pupils who have had 100% attendance since the beginning of the academic year will get their silver badges today and I will ensure their names appear on the first newsletter next term.

Star Writers:

These children have used a range of powerful vocabulary and techniques to become a Star Writer;
Kelsie Peters, Yaqub Abdulle, Tommy Pryke, Shane Marin, Jaime Trotman, Ian Hinton, Reggie Trotman , Shanel-Rose Bennett, Hope With, Maryam Farooq, Simeon Okoye, Charlize Botterell, Aleena Seleka, Peter Alexander, Kamran Sherkhan, Martin Faulkner, Mollie Austin-Green, Erin Penson, Maelyss Moore & Julia Brkic.
Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Reading Awards

The following children receive a bookmark for reading 10 books; Marley Carlvey, Summer Asemota & Amelia Christie.
Jaime Trotman, Lexi-Rose Milton, Mehmet-Lee Nevzat, Melisa Guganesh, Elma Mardiah, Ellie Mann, Amara Coleman, Manuela Adamu-Adegbenro Ryan Mutombo, Esther Appiah,Adedeji Okunoren Sulaiman Al-Azami, Kamile Zilinskaite, Stefan Gorgan, Hafizah Khaliq have achieved their bronze reading award for reading 25 books.

Silver Reader awards go to Edward Munteanu, Nicole Nykante, Havin Colak, Eemani Nicholas, Briana Grigore & Rolex Lufuki who have read 75 books. They each receive a silver certificate and a £5 book token for their efforts.

We have 2 Gold Readers this week -Well done to Tomi Akeredolu & Reinaldas Kucinas who receive a gold certificate and a trophy for reading 100 books.

Learning Challenge Awards

Comfortina Omole, Dami Akeredolu, Liam Hampton, Alisa Bespalovaite, Filip Sychowski, Harrison Jennings, Kamauri Salmon, Nafisa Ahmed-Osman, Logan Bearman, Alexandru Ciobanu, Jannat Kaur, Kristupus Kulinskas, Vanesa Meskauskaite, Kaylin Nachwa Muwenda, Amelia Nauthoo, Tomi Akeredolu, Ignas Chmieliauskas, Vilius Paulauskas, Jack Carter, Musab Walke, Erin Penson & Deborah Dimoriaku have been working hard at home and extending their knowledge through their learning challenge work.

Learning Power Awards:
These are the awards we present to the pupils when they have demonstrated one of our four learning skills: resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness & resourcefulness. This week Harley Carrington receives a certificate for Reciprocity. Well done to him!

Tracker Awards

 Congratulations to the latest pupils who have achieved their Bronze awards: Kamauri Salmon, Isabel Paris, Marley Calvey, Chris McGinn, Ellie Mann, Crystal Faulkner, Amira Stanley, Kevin Nzau

Niharika Sharma, Teddy Button, Amy leigh billings & Amara Coleman are to be congratulated for achieving their Silver tracker award.

Certificate of Presentation:
Well done to Alynniea Joyce, Evita Leonoviate & Lukas Norkas who have presented their work beautifully; They have shown pride in their work and taken care with their handwriting and number formation.

I have made my teacher happy/WOW Awards

Kajus Mingaila in Jamaica -For WOW homework
Alexander Rebrisorean,, Megan Wilde Dodds in St Lucia -For fantastic progress in RWI
Kamauri Salmon, Sophiat Ojojede, Amelia Nauthoo, Kaylin Nachwa Muwenda, Vanesa Meskauskaite, Kristupus Kulinskas, Jannat Kaur, Harrison Jennings, Aliyah Iginla, Wajeeha Hussain, Summer Hope, Alexandru Ciobanu, Kelvin Browne, Jessie-Leigh Bridges, Gabriel Antohi, Nafisa Ahmed-Osman in Madagascar -For WOW homework
Jason Bajraktari in Madagascar -For moving up a book band
Isabel Paris, Agata Deptuch, Emilie Balciunaite, Havin Colak, Elma Mardiah, Maya-Victoria Moliki, Anya Shorter, Emilis Juodelis, Mia Golding, Zephan Witchalls, Reinaldas Kucinas, Kira Staniforth, Tomi Akeredolu, Lexie Brame in Egypt class -For WOW homework
Sydney Spiers-Green in Kenya -For moving up a book band
Sasha Baine, Lexie Smart, Mihaela Bordei, Ajus Kulsinskas, Chloe Wooster, Jasmine Bennett, Kai Hope, Hamit Colak, Lennie Hands, Ellie Mann, Jacob Collins in Kenya -For WOW homework
Lucas Grigore, Hayden Flower, Fawaz Babalola, Harry Daniels, Brooke Debono, Emily Garip, Jessica Lacatus in New Zealand class -For fantastic progress in RWI
Jack Stevens in N. Ireland -For moving up a book band
Riana Dumitru, Briana Grigore, Aleena Seleka in Germany class -For fantastic reading
Ina Barry in USA class -For fantastic homework
Jessica Paris, Pawel Lyczko, Lily Beckinsale in Canada -For completing extra maths
Thomas Macmillan, Amelia Tattam,Vilius Paulauskas in Mexico class -For extra homework on area and perimeter.

E for Excellence Winners:

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.
Barbados -Billy Goss
Wales -Michael Bokombe
Jamaica -Jayden Ndoko
Scotland -Ramone Reid
St Lucia -Aisha Osman
Germany -Joseph Wane
New Zealand -Benjamin Winjobi
Greece -Washakh Nadeem
Australia -Matty Fitzgibbon
Italy -Claudia Lutete-Ndoko
Palau -Reggie Callaghan
U.S.A -Ryan Safo-Frimpong
Madagascar -All the children for their great behaviour at the Music Festival
Canada -Hermione-Rose Billings
Egypt -All the children for the great behaviour at the Music Festival
Mexico -Paige Cheney
Kenya -All the children for their great behaviour at the Music Festival
Chile -Jamie Alexander
N. Ireland -Crystal Faulkner
Brazil -Sahar Abdin
Fiji -The whole class

Giant Sculptures!

Some talented children in years 3, 4, and 6 have been looking at the work of Alberto Giacometti. 
He is a famous sculpture who created works such as The Walking Man.

The children have used this as inspiration to create their own sculptures. They worked with Miss Galpin on Friday afternoons to plan and make them. Each sculpture was made using one 4m length of wire that was bent to make a human shape armature. Then large sheets of twisted newspaper were masking taped to the armature.

 After that, several layers of modroc were wrapped around the sculpture. Lastly black and bronze paint was used to finish the reclining man.

These are the finished sculptures:

RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch

One freezing cold February morning, Canada (Year 5) class took part in the RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch campaign.

We went outside, armed with binoculars and a recording sheet, to count the number and type of birds that appeared over an hour. We can now identify several type of bird including: blackbird, robin, blue tit, starling, magpie and woodpigeon by their size, feathers, beak and sound. Who knew birds had such distinctive sounds?

Our results were sent to the RSPB. Here is the chart they emailed that shows what we saw:

This week we received a certificate for taking part and...

have been challenged to do:

London or Paris?

The finished cityscape is here!

A talented group of children in years 3 and 6 worked with Miss Galpin to create this masterpiece. They worked collaboratively showing their sketching and watercolour skills.

London and Paris reflected across the river.

Attendance Update

Year 5&6 -U.S.A-96.1%
Year 3&4 -Scotland-96.7%
KS1 -Kenya-93.3%
Overall -92.2%

Well done to  U.S.A class who had the highest attendance in Y5&6 at 96.1%. Scotland  had the highest attendance for LKS2 and overall at 96.7% and  the highest attending class in KS1 was Kenya at 93.3%.
The overall attendance last week was really low at  but that can, once again be attributed to chicken pox which has affected a number of our pupils more noticeably lower down the school-hopefully everyone will return after Easter fit and healthy!

100% Attendance
Well done to Abigail Igiebor, Ivan Oseghale-Danquay and Diya Patel in Italy class, Ryhanna Bah in Greece class and Jared Bugalho in Chile class-These children have 100% attendance-They have been in school everyday since September-A fantastic achievement for which they will each receive a silver badge.


We are always looking at ways in which we can become environmentally friendly and reduce our carbon footprint. We have received fantastic and very positive feedback in regards to the online booking system which has been implemented for parents evening appointments and this has significantly reduced the amount of paper used in school. From the beginning of next term we would like to trial a new system for the circulation of the weekly newsletters. If you would like to continue to receive a paper copy or an electronic copy of the newsletter please come into the office and inform Mrs Parker. If you do not make a specific request you will be able to access the newsletter on the school blog and facebook page every Friday. I am sure you will agree with us that this will go a long way towards us becoming a ‘greener’ school and working towards a better future for all of our children.

Diary Dates

Well done to everyone who has taken part in the Big Pedal over the last 2 weeks. Teachers have kept count of those taking part and the good news is pupils from Mead managed to complete a total of 2,358 journeys. We came 44th out of 147 Greater London schools and 308th out of 1691 schools across the country -So well done to all those who took part.

Year 4 WILL NOT be going swimming on the first week back after Easter-Swimming will start w/b Monday 24th April

Wednesday 19th April 9;00-10:00 -There will be a parent workshop for year 2 parents-This is a repeat of the end of KS1 information workshop which I understand some parents couldn’t make.

On Friday 21st April -Reception Bug day-Our reception children will be meeting and learning about all different types of insects.

Mothers Day sale

I hope all the mum’s out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day -In our assemblies this week your children have had the opportunity to share some of the treats they provided. It seems some of you were treated to breakfast in bed, others were taken out for dinner, others received flowers purchased in school, some of you were lucky enough to have children who decided to be on their very best behaviour for the day!!!!!

Thank you to The Federation Parents Association who worked really hard to produced beautifully wrapped flowers for the children to purchase-They raised a total of £1181.19 for the Federation-£691 of which was raised at Mead-So thank you for your support.

End of Term

Well, where did that time go?

The Spring term is the shortest of the three but we have managed to cram so much into it-hopefully through the newsletter and our blogs you have been able to keep up with some of the fabulous things we have done this term.

Thankyou to all the parents that came to the Year 1 showcase on Monday afternoon and to those who came to the parent consultation meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday. Feedback from both staff and parents has been really positive and the newly introduced system of arranging appointments via the blog has proved successful.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Reception Reading Morning

Reading morning - Tuesday 25th April

After our successful reading morning in Reception and the feedback we received from parents we are inviting you to come and join us for our second reading morning which is taking place on Tuesday 25th April from 8.30-8.55am. We are asking parents to come and join their child in their classes for 5 minutes to share and read a book with them. We are continuing to promote a child's love of reading and we hope it will provide an opportunity for you to be able to share in this.

We very much look forward to welcoming you and hopefully we will be able to offer our reading mornings on a monthly basis.

We would like to wish you a lovely Easter and we look forward to welcoming you all back to school on Tuesday 18th April.

Reception Team

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mead Nursery is expanding!

Image result for nursery

Do you know any 3 year old children that would like to come to Mead? 

We have extra places starting from September 2017. Please pass on our phone number (01708 330704) or pop in to register your child.

Mead Nursery is an excellent setting for your child, with children eager to learn and supportive adults helping them along the way!

We will also be taking on 2 year old children. Please go to to see whether you are eligible for a free 2 year old place.

Any questions please come and ask a member of staff. 

Monday, 27 March 2017

Art club cancelled

Apologies to the Year 2 art club children. Art Club on Tuesday is cancelled due to some unavoidable meetings. The children can collect their work from Fiji Class on Wednesday.


Thank you so much for your contributions to Comic Relief.  Thanks to your generosity we raised the enormous sum of £675.75


Learning Challenge Awards
Dorian Franciskovity, Adam Idir & Alan Zahid have been working hard at home and extending their knowledge through their learning challenge work.

Learning Power Awards:
These are the awards we present to the pupils when they have demonstrated one of our four learning skills: resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness & resourcefulness. Ella Bidgood, Cody Cordell, Ashlea O’Halloran & Elias Chawki receive a certificate for Reciprocity and Lily-May Dedross, Karla Nightingill, Pritika Maheshwari for Reflectiveness. Well done to them!

Star Writers

These children have used a range of powerful vocabulary and techniques to become a Star Writer;
Dorian Franciskovity, Vansh Patel, Filip Sychowski, Fawaz Babalola, Luke Wood, Alessia Dragostin, Wajeeha Hussain, Niharika Sharma, Kellis Solanke, Kitt Vigors, Kacey Goss, Alexandra Winjobi,Dalayla Rami, Valentino Varghese, Dylan Kennard, Alkan Mungulu, Unnati Prajapatu, Jack Webb, Princess Adjei & Riley Fitzgibbon. Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Certificate of Presentation:
Well done to Vyte Dziugyte who has presented her work beautifully; She has shown pride in her work and taken care with her handwriting and number formation.

Reading Awards

Daniel Ali, Bella Trevarthen & Izzabelle Pryke have achieved their Bronze reading award for reading 25 books.

Well done to Aleena Seleka who has read 50 books

Silver Reader awards go to Sophie Thompson, Oliver Trinder ,Evita Leonoviate & Alynniea Joyce who have read 75 books. They each receive a silver certificate and a £5 book token for their efforts.

Tracker Awards

Congratulations to the latest pupils who have achieved their Bronze awards: Joshua King, Sophiat Olojede, Reinaldas Kucuinas, Ricky Donovan, Chris McGinn, Kitt Vigors, George Desouza, Ella Hunt, Kailee McCarthy, George Folan, Ignas Chmieliauskas & Stefan Labedzki.

Alexandra Winjobi is to be congratulated for achieving a Silver tracker award.

Nursery Afternoon Farm Fun!

What a fun day we have had at Nursery today! The children got to experience a farm in the playground. Lots of children were chosen to hold and feed the animals and had great fun listening to the different sounds they made.