Thursday, 13 May 2021

Year 3 Get Mummified!

Year 3 had a fantastically gruesome history lesson this week. We learnt all about how the Ancient Egyptians completed the mummification process. A child from each class was selected as our class pharaoh and were bravely mummified in front of everyone.

Victoria from Wales class couldn't believe it when we had to remove all of her organs, apart from her heart, and place them into canopic jars just like the Ancient Egyptians did.

Below is an example from Luka (Northern Ireland Class) and Eleni (Scotland Class) work books which detail step by step instructions on how to mummify someone.

We also had a go at mummifying apples in our own homemade natron made out of salt and baking soda. This mixture should dry out the apple and preserve it. We all look forward to seeing the results of our mummified fruit next week.