Friday, 30 April 2021

Year 2 Awards

 Well done to Year 2 certificate winners this week:

Here are the tracker award winners: Ty, Alesha, Charlotte G and Isabel(Egypt), Ryan, Alice, Francesca and David(Madagascar) and Eduard and Amaliah in Kenya.

These children have amazed us with their writing: 
Izampela(Egypt) Keeley(Madagascar) and Alannah(Kenya).

Well done to Ella(Madagascar), Levi(Egypt) and Vlad(Kenya) who have excelled.

Well done to Indigo, Tyler, Hazel and Joshua(Egypt) who have demonstrated resilience this week.

Well done to Anete, Indigo(Egypt), Ryan(Madagascar) and Honey, Abina, Krasimir, Elda, Matthew and Vlad(Kenya) for receiving reading awards.

Finally, these our the children who have taken great care with their presentation this week.
Gracie, Maryam, Nicolae, Renesmee. Ugo, Isabel and Izampela.

These children have wowed us this week.  Tommy, Levi, Ty, Isabel and Diamon(Egypt), Anna and Olivia(Kenya) and Daniel K, Majus, Alice. Ella, Georgi and Mohammad(Madagascar).

We are so proud of you all!

Year 5 Certificate Winners

 This week we have had lots of certificates to give out in Year 5. Well done everyone and keep up the great work! 

Jack (USA) received  Bronze Tracker Award. 

Hayden (USA) received a Silver Tracker Award. 

Zahi (USA) received a Platinum Tracker Award. 

Gabriel and Aiza (Canada) worked very hard on their presentation skills and were awarded  Certificates for Presentation. 

Taylor (USA) got a Handwriting Award for Handwriting. 

Zahi, Ben, Matvejs, Melisa and Jack (USA) have read 25 books and got their Star Reader Bronze Award. 

Dinuki, Jake, Riley, Melisa, Ian, Harry, Emily, Taylor, Jack (USA), Maisie and Thai (Canada) have all read 10 books and got their bookmarks. 

Emily, Tia, Brooke, Louisa and Brooke (USA) all work hard to get a Resilience Award. 

Dinuki, Zahi, Melisa, Louisa, Rehan (USA), and Andriana (Canada) were awarded Bronze Mathletics certificates.  

Alexa, Sulejman, Shomari, Brooke D, Lenny (USA) and Lena (Mexico) really impressed their teachers and got a WOW Certificate. 

Famata (Mexico), George (Canada) and Ian (USA) were excellent in all of their lessons this week and were awarded E for Excellence. 

Jesse (USA), Reuben (Canada) and Lena (Mexico) were the Star Writers in Year 5 this week. 

Year One learn about Ramadan


The year one children were treated to a very special assembly this morning.  Maryam's mum and Samir's mum came into school to share their knowledge of Ramadan and Eid, which are important events in the Islamic calendar.  The children learnt about why Muslims fast, say special prayers, spend more time reading the Quran and help those less fortunate than themselves.  The children asked some interesting questions and also got to try dates (which Muslim's eat to break their fast).  The children really enjoyed learning about Islam and sat beautifully throughout the assembly. 

Well Done Jacob

Jacob is this weeks winner of the E for Excellence certificate for Malta Class. Well done.

Year 3 Star Writers


In year 3 this week we have been focusing on writing mystery stories. This topic has really captured the children’s imagination and we are incredibly proud of the effort they have all put in.

This weeks Star Writer winners are;

Jokubas in Wales.

David A in Scotland.

Seiar in Northern Ireland.

Alice, Majus and Daniel completed some amazing learning on Google Classroom. They completed so many of Mrs Rolph’s challenges; we are super proud of them! Mr Denchfield



Year One have had another successful week!

Visha in Australia received a bronze reading award for reading 25 books.

Andrey in Australia received a book of his choice for reading 75 books.

Well done to William in New Zealand and Hollie-Rai, Damira, Constantine and Andrey in Australia who all received WOW awards.

Nuhaa in Palau, Jahshountea in New Zealand and Logan and Aisha in Australia received handwriting awards, and Ralph in Australia received a resilience award.

The Star Writer certificates were awarded to Rubi in Australia, Domas in New Zealand, and Emilia in Palau,

And finally, the E for Excellence certificates were awarded to Visha in Australia, Amber in New Zealand, and Maisy in Palau.

Well done everybody, we are very proud of you all!

Italy Class Certificate Winner

 A massive congratulations to the Italy Class certificate winner:

Wadi (Star Writer)

Well done!

Greece Class certificate winners!

 A massive congratulations to the Greece Class certificate winners:

Vansh (WOW Award)
Nathan (Star Writer)

Well done!

Weekly Newsletter 30/04/2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Below are some awards that we would like to share with you and some important information that you should be aware of.

Bank Holiday - Monday 3rd May
Please don’t come to school on Monday as we are closed! We reopen as usual on Tuesday 4th May.

Children who have been loaned a school Chromebook should bring them back to school on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. These were originally issued to support with the enforced full school closure and bubble closures; I hope that the recent weeks of non-bubble closures are here to stay now.

Polling Day - Thursday 6th May
The children do not need to come to school on this day and work will be set on Google Classroom. If either parent is a Key Worker or your child is considered to be vulnerable, places are available for children to come to school to complete their Google Classroom learning. A few key points to note:
Breakfast Club will not open on this day as the school kitchen is closed.
Any child staying at school on this day must have a packed lunch.
Please complete the Google form ASAP to secure a place.

School will reopen to all children on Friday 7th May.

Mystery Friday Phone call!
Starting next week, class teachers will be making a mystery phone call to a parent whose child has enjoyed a great week at school. This may be for an academic or non-academic reason and will be a surprise to both you and your child - they will not be told in advance! We introduced this in Y6 a couple of months ago and the feedback from the children, parents and staff has been really positive.

Bikes and Scooters
We advise that children who bring bikes/scooters to school have a simple locking mechanism they can use to secure their bike/scooter to a school stand. This keeps the bike/scooter safe and also ensures that no one takes home the wrong bike/scooter. This may have been the case in Y4 this week; can I ask Y4 parents to check their child has the correct scooter. Thank you.

Attendance for this week is 95.5% which is a little disappointing, especially after last week’s fantastic 97%. However, I would like to congratulate Palau and Malta who both achieved 100% this week. They will both have a cupcake party to celebrate their fantastic achievement.

Star Writers
These children have used a range of powerful vocabulary and techniques to become a Star Writer. Well done to Emilia (Palau),Alannah (Kenya), Izampela (Egypt), Keeley (Madagascar), Anabella and Jeremiah (Barbados), Oguzcan (St Lucia) Min (Antigua), David A (Scotland), Rubi (Australia), Domas (New Zealand), Seiar (Northern Ireland) Jokubas (Wales), Stephanie (Jamaica), Evie (Germany), Tomi (Brazil), Nathan (Greece), Jesse (USA), Wadi(Italy), Jason (Chile), Reuben (Canada), Lena (Mexico) and Wajeeha(Argentina). Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Congratulations to these children who have demonstrated one of our four learning skills.

Learning Power



Frankie, Hazel, Indigo, Joshua and Tyler (Egypt), Ralph (Australia) 

Brooke D, Brooke T, Louisa, Tia, Emily (USA)

Tracker Awards
Congratulations to the latest children who have achieved their Tracker Awards. We are very proud of their achievements!


Ty and  Charlotte G (Egypt) Jack (USA)


Amaliah and Eduard (Kenya)

Teddy and Alesha (Egypt)

Hayden (USA)

Ryan, Francesca and David(Madagascar)


Paige (Northern Ireland)



Isabel (Egypt)

Zahi (USA)

Certificate of Presentation
Well done to Ugo, Isabel, Renesmee, Maryam, Izampela, Nicolae and Gracie (Egypt), Nuhaa (Palau)Olivia (Scotland), Logan and Aisha (Australia), Jahshountea (New Zealand), Chloe (Wales) Aiza and Gabriel (Canada) who have presented their work beautifully.

Reading Awards
Reading is one of the most important skills we can teach our children. We are very proud of the children below who have demonstrated a real commitment to their reading. Well done!

10 books read. 

They receive a bookmark.

Krasimir (Kenya) 

Alexa, Dinuki, Emily, Harry, Ian, Jack, Jake, Melisa, Riley, Tyler (USA) Maisie and Thai (Canada))

25 books read. 

They receive a Bronze Reading Award.

Indigo and Anete (Egypt)

Eva-Rae and Nisa (Scotland)

Tejan (Jamaica)

Luka (Northern Ireland)

Benjamin, Jack, Melisa, Zahi (USA)

50 books read.

They receive a Silver Reading Award and a £5 book token.

Elda (Kenya) 

James and David A (Scotland)

Abira, Lenny M and Rayan (St Lucia)


75 books read.

They receive a book of their choice.

Camelia (Barbados)

Matthew (Kenya) 

Oguzcan (St Lucia)

100 books read. 

They receive a Gold Reading Award and a trophy.

Zofia (Barbados)

Abina, Honey and Vlad (Kenya) 

Sophia and Sienna (Scotland)

Evelyn, Oguzcan and Amelia D (St Lucia)

150 books read. 

They receive a Platinum Certificate and a trophy. This is some achievement!

Sebastian (Barbados)

Akhila (St Lucia)

Mathletics Award
Yet more fantastic achievements, this time for Maths. Excellent work!

Bronze certificate

Vlad, Saam, Kaden and Anna (Kenya) Aayan, Zakariya, Lillie and Manha (Antigua), Milena, Olivia Ho, Domas, Zelda, Emilia and Sebastian (Barbados), Jessica B, Nathan K, Matteo and David (Jamaica), Callum, Clovis, Eden, Lenny M and Akhila (St Lucia), Constantine, Samhita and Damira (Australia), Amelia, Izabela, Janvi, Dora, Zuzanna and Ella (New Zealand), Moksha, Nuhaa, Mia-Monroe and Taha (Palau),Layla, Merkhima, Theodora, Majus, Janisha and Daniel R (Madagascar), Isabel, Izampela, Maathumai and Maryam (Egypt), Max, Nisa, Olivia, Sophia, Dev, Sienna, Alexis and Zachary (Scotland), Michael N (Northern Ireland), Maya, Oghomwen, Victoria & Jacob (Wales), Nicole, Lucas, Kevin and Kajus (Germany), Zahi, Melisa, Louisa, Dinuki, Rehan (USA), Irina, Chloe (Chile), Reinaldas (Brazil), Kajus (Greece), Andriana (Canada).

Silver certificate

Victoria (Antigua), Ruby (Barbados), Oguzcan (St Lucia), Aum (Australia),  Olivia (Scotland), Maya (Wales),

Gold certificate

Daniel K (Madagascar), Maya (Wales)

WOW! Award



Mickey-Ray, Levi, Teddy, Tommy, Ty, Isabel and Diamond (Egypt)

For moving up a book band.

Dennie, Albi, Deja 

Harvey, Ezra 

Zion-Elijah (Barbados)

For working hard to write their name

For completing some independent writing during child-led learning

For working hard in maths


Anna (Kenya) 

For her amazing work in maths this week. 

For completing her google classroom tasks. 


Damira, Hollie-Rai and Constantine

Andrey (Australia)

For challenging herself to complete extra maths work this week. 

For moving up a book band.

For reading 75 books.

William (New Zealand)

For working really hard with his writing in RWI.

Lenny, Alexa, Brooke D, Shomari (USA)

Developing debating skills

Taylor (USA)

Handwriting Award





For reading 75 books!

For reading 10 books!

For moving up a level in reading!

Matteo  (Jamaica)

Nathan K

David D


Thought for himself and mended a  school book with sellotape. How kind!

Making the right choices all week.

For his lovely drawing of his dad’s van.

For a super drawing of a minibeast.


Freddie, Lenny M

Eric, Henry, Charlotte and Ella

Akhila (St Lucia)

For a lovely picture and letters to her dad.

For super writing.

Great independent maths

Independent writing

Rahat, Lexie, Remi, Riddhi, Kajus, Sophia, Tommy R, Tommy C, Evie (Germany)

For completing self-created homework. 

Georgi, Ella, Mohammad, Renaz, Alice (Madagascar)

For moving up a book band

Janisha, Danie K, Majus, Alice(Madagascar)

For completing their Bingo homework.


For working hard in D&T lesson(using running stitch to join 2 pieces of felt together)


Moving up a book band

Kelsie, Ruby (Antigua)

For being super helpful and kind  everyday.


For being a supportive and caring friend

All of Mexico Class

Lunchtime award

For outstanding behaviour in the dinner hall. 

E for Excellence Winners
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.









St Lucia








New Zealand
























N. Ireland






Key Information and dates

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Havering Catering Lunch Menu

Monday 3rd May School Closed - Bank Holiday

Thursday 6th May School Closed - Greater London Elections (see P1 of this letter)

Thursday 27th May Final day of the half term (normal hometime)

Monday 7th June Back to School

Thursday 22nd July Final day of the Summer Term (normal hometime)

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Yours sincerely,

Mr D Denchfield
Executive Headteacher