Thursday, 27 May 2021

Year 2 Awards

 Well done to this week's certificate winners:

These children wowed us:

Jacob, Merkhima, Majus, Alexander, Alice, Daniel K, Keeley, David (Madagascar), Ugo, Carter, Renesmee, Sadie, Charlotte F, Maryam, Jett(Egypt)
Honey, Nicolas, Scarlett, Vilte, Anna, Saam,  Alannah(Kenya)

Well done to Sadie(Egypt) and Aayan(Kenya) for achieving reading awards.

Great handwriting Jessie(Kenya).

Well done Renaz(Madagascar), Kaden and Samuel(Kenya) for completing your trackers.

Well done to our E for excellence winners Sadie(Egypt), Amen(Kenya) and Georgi(Madagascar) and our Star writers who are Ella-Louise(Madagascar), Honey(Kenya) and Amber(Egypt).

We are so proud of you all.
Have a lovely week off  and see you all soon!