Friday, 7 May 2021

Year 3 Build Pyramids!

Year 3 Build Pyramids!

As part of our current topic on Ancient Egypt in year 3, this week we learnt all about pyramids! After learning about how and why they were built and what could be found inside the pyramids, we had a go at writing our own secret message in hieroglyphics:

Paige's (NI) secret message!

After this, we made our own pyramids! Firstly, we coloured our pyramid nets in. As we had discovered that pyramids were made of sand stone, we made sure to use appropriate colours:

Tommy and Junior (NI) colouring in their pyramids.

Next, we carefully cut around our pyramid net.

Seiar (NI) carefully cutting around his pyramid net.

After this, we folded and stuck our pyramids together:

Chanel and Sky (NI) putting their pyramids together.

Here are some examples of our finished pyramids!

L-R David, Sophia, Nisa, Max, Eleni and Dev (Scotland) with their finished pyramids.

L-R Sofia, Chloe, Arthur and Rose (Wales) with their pyramids.