Thursday, 13 May 2021

Year 3 - Ancient Egyptian Workshop

Today, Year 3 were given the opportunity to take part in an Egyptian Workshop. They’re currently learning about Ancient Egypt in various subjects, including Topic and Literacy and will soon be writing a biography on Tutankhamun.

The children were transported back in time to Ancient Egypt and asked to put themselves in the shoes of an Egyptian Pharaoh. They were asked to walk and act like a Pharaoh from 4000 years ago.

They also took part in some animated group work where they were given a scene from Ancient Egyptian times and asked to perform it as realistically as possible to the rest of the group. Scenes included the mummification of a body, the various gods the Pharaohs worshiped and the Pharaohs themselves.

At the end of the workshop they met Cleopatra. She came to see how well they had designed and built their own pyramids.

They had an amazing time. 

Well done Year 3!