Friday, 28 May 2021

Thank you so much to our Reception children who came to wish me a happy birthday for tomorrow; I loved my cards! Best present I could ask for!

❤️ Mr Denchfield

Weekly Newsletter - Amazing Awards!

Star Writers
These children have used a range of powerful vocabulary and techniques to become a Star Writer. Well done to Avyukt (Australia), Lexi (New Zealand), Maisy (Palau), Rianne (Germany), Riley (Scotland), Tyler (Barbados), Zymal (Antigua) Rehan (USA), Amber (Egypt), Elma (Brazil), Summer (Wales) , Ordrey (Italy), Chloe (Northern Ireland), Rocco (Greece), Jessica (Jamaica) Amelia D (St Lucia) Honey (Kenya) and Lily (Canada), Ivan (Mexico) Ella-Louise(Madagascar).

Congratulations to these children who have demonstrated one of our four learning skills.

Learning Power



Afnan and Brea (Canada)

Tracker Awards
Congratulations to the latest children who have achieved their Tracker Awards. We are very proud of their achievements!


Rubi and Leya (Australia)


Kaden and Samuel 


Certificate of Presentation
Well done to Druan (Australia), Shayan (New Zealand) Lucille (Palau), Freddie (Scotland), Leo (Northern Ireland) Jessie (Kenya) who have presented their work beautifully.

Reading Awards
Reading is one of the most important skills we can teach our children. We are very proud of the children below who have demonstrated a real commitment to their reading. Well done!

10 books read. 

They receive a bookmark.

Eishan (Antigua) Rehan (USA) Georgia (Canada)

25 books read. 

They receive a Bronze Reading Award.

Andrew (Palau)

Teddy and Mickey-Ray (Egypt)

Seiar (Northern Ireland)

50 books read.

They receive a Silver Reading Award and a £5 book token.

Sadie (Egypt)

Destini (Northern Ireland)

Millie and Eden (St Lucia)

75 books read.

They receive a book of their choice.

Grace and Shay (Australia)

Aayan (Kenya) 

100 books read. 

They receive a Gold Reading Award and a trophy.

Elwin (Barbados), Noah, Amaan, Taha and Nuhaa (Palau)

Oguzcan, Amelia D, Callum, Evelyn, Lenny (St Lucia)

150 books read. 

They receive a Platinum Certificate and a trophy. This is some achievement!

Olivia (Scotland)

Oguzcan (St Lucia)

Mathletics Award
Yet more fantastic achievements, this time for Maths. Excellent work!

Bronze certificate

Zakariya, Victoria, Manha and Rayan (Antigua), Olivia Ho and Emilia (Barbados),  Justas, Oguzcan, Lenny M, Lenny L, Olivia, Henry and Callum (St Lucia), Tejan, Nancy, Nathan, Matteo, Saivithun, Mahir and David (Jamaica), Logan, Grace, Shay, Aisha, Damira, Natalia, Visha,  Malakai and Aum (Australia), Amelia, Janvi, Dora, Zuzanna, Sidrah, Lexi, Ria and Sandra (New Zealand), Moksha, Nuhaa and Taha (Palau), Daniel K, Majus, Muhammad, Paulina, Alexander, Daniel O and Daniel R (Madagascar), Maryam and Jett (Egypt), Kaden, Eduard and Anna (Kenya), Lucas and Kajus (Germany), David, Bogdan, Max, Nisa, Olivia, Sophia, Dev, Sienna and Zachary (Scotland), Jacob and Oghomwen (Wales), Gabriel, Tommy and Michael (Northern Ireland), Anastasia and Kajus (Greece), Andriana, Olivia, George and Austeja (Canada), Louisa, Rehan, Zahi, Harry, Hayden, Riley and Tyler (USA)

Silver certificate

Sethika and Lillie (Antigua), Domas, Zelda, Milena and Sebastian (Barbados), Amelia (St Lucia), Jessica and Kavi (Jamaica), Lily (Australia), Ella (New Zealand), Mia-Monroe  and Kajus (Palau), Janisha (Madagascar), Saam and Antony (Kenya), Max, Nisa, Dev and Sienna (Scotland), 

Gold certificate

Hollie-Rae (Australia), Max (Scotland) and Louisa (USA).

WOW! Award



Ralph, Amelia and Lorena (Australia)

For moving up a book band

Roman E and Moksha (Palau)

For moving up a book band

Sebastian, Emilia, Dennie 

Billie (Barbados)

For their amazing halving work in maths

For independently sequencing a butterflies life cycle

Emily (USA)

For being a wonderful model to her peers for kindness. 

Emily, Lenny (USA)

Lunchtime awards

Maryam and Jett (Egypt)

Charlotte F, Ugo, Carter, Mickey-Ray ,Sadie and Renesmee (Egypt)

For bingo homework.

For moving up a book band.


For her fantastic 3D model of a river

Tilly, Matteo, Evie & Bobby (Wales)

For moving up a book band.

Ava P (Italy)


For moving up a book band

excellent literacy work

Tommy-Sean (Jamaica)

Sienna Mann



For trying hard with all his work.

For trying hard with her reading and maths.

Doing so well with her reading.

Settling in so well in class.

Leo B (Antigua)

Amazing work completing the life cycle of a butterfly.

Alannah, Saam, Honey, Nicolas, Anna, Vilte, Scarlett, Jessie, David and Olivia (Kenya)

For moving up a book band, 

Akunna (Canada)

Working efficiently to complete all  tasks.

Merkhima, Majus, Alexander. Alice and Daniel K(Madagascar) 

Keeley and David(Madagascar)


For completing their Bingo homework

For moving up a book band

For settling into his new class so well

E for Excellence Winners
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.









St Lucia







Daniel B

New Zealand





















N. Ireland







Congratulations to everyone who achieved an award this week, we are very proud of you!

Weekly Newsletter-Important Information 28/05/21

Dear Parents and Carers,

Packed lunches
Please make sure that packed lunches do not contain any nuts or have any energy drinks. Thank you!

Please return all Chromebooks back to the school on either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Thank you.

This week’s attendance is 92.4% which is disappointing. Well done to the children who came to school every day this week. Hopefully, we will see an improvement after half term; we love seeing your children in school every day!

Key Information and dates
Squid login
Havering Catering Lunch Menu

Monday 7th June Back to School

Monday 12th July Reports given out (the children will be given them to take home)

Wednesday 14th July Open Evening/Report Surgery (after school and until 4-30 - COVID permitting)

Thursday 22nd July Final day of the Summer Term (normal hometime)

Have a good weekend and a lovely half term. We look forward to seeing you on Monday 7th June.

Yours sincerely,

Mr D Denchfield
Executive Headteacher, The Learning Federation

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Across the continents and oceans of the world!

On Monday, the children were visited by Caitlin from The Freshwater Theatre Company, who took them on a magical adventure around the world. We visited the Grand Canyon in North America, Sugarloaf mountain in South America, Victoria Falls in Africa, the Northern Lights in Europe, met the penguins in Antarctica, climbed Mount Everest in Asia and swam in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We travelled across the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern and Arctic oceans by boat, plane, hot air balloon and jet ski. The children had a fantastic time and learnt lots about each continent and ocean on the way. This brilliant workshop inspired lots of work this week and we were amazed by how much the children could remember. 

"Asia is my favorite continent because I was born there!" said Visha excitedly. 

Year 3 painting!

Year 3 have been working hard in their painting unit this half term! They have practised mixing primary and secondary colours, using different brush strokes and looking at the work of famous artists! Children have enjoyed looking at abstract paintings, creating paintings of the sky, as well as naming their own colours.

This week, pupils learned about two techniques Sgraffito and Tonking. Children experimented with newspaper and etching to create their own fantastic art words - pictures included!

We are so proud of the wonderful paintings you have created Year 3 - a big well done!

Year 1 Awards

Year One have had another successful week!

Well done to Rubi and Leya for receiving their bronze tracker certificates.

Andrew in Palau received his bronze reading award for reading 25 books.

Well done to Amaan, Taha, Noah and Nuhaa in Palau who received his gold reading award for reading 100 books.

Roman E and Moksha in Palau, and Grace, Shay, Ralph, Lorena and Amelia all received WOW awards.

Well done to Druan in Australia, Shayan in New Zealand and Lucille in Palau who received handwriting awards.

The Star Writer certificates were awarded to Avyukt in Australia, Lexi in New Zealand, and Maisy in Palau,

And finally, the E for Excellence certificates were awarded to Aisha in Australia, Ella in New Zealand, and Mekhi in Palau.

Well done everybody, we are very proud of you all!