Monday, 24 May 2021

Year 2 Awards

 Year 2 have had another successful week and they have made us so proud.

Well done to our Star Writers Paulina(Madagascar), Anete and Maryam(Egypt) and Scarlett(Kenya).

Well done to all the children who received reading awards:
Maryam, Alesha and Charlotte F(Egypt), Anna, Amaliah, Harrison, Nicolas and Nevaeh(Kenya).

Super handwriting and presentation this week from Yasmin(Madagascar) and Jack, Tyler, Isabel, Hazel, Ty and Ugo(Egypt).

These children wowed us this week:
Muhammad, Theodora (Madagascar), Tommy, Maryam. Ty and Charlotte G(Egypt) and Abina, Oliver, Eduard. Krasimir and Vlad(Kenya)

Our E for Excellence winners were Daniel K(Madagascar), Olivia(Kenya) and Riley(Egypt).

These children have completed their trackers:
Mickey-Ray, Nicolae, Maathami, Izampela(Egypt).