Monday, 22 July 2019

Ava our talented gymnast

Well done to Ava for completing her first gymnastics award. Ava said she worked hard and practised a lot. What a great attitude and we look forward to seeing Ava completing lots more of these awards.
Well done Ava!

Louie does his bit for charity

Well done to Louie for completing a 5K walk for charity with his Nan.
In this hot weather that is not an easy feat.
We are really proud of Louie`s fantastic attitude.

Nursery fun

We had such a wonderful last week in Nursery.
The Nursery children did us so proud with their fantastic singing and performing at Graduation. We were very emotional seeing how far they had come. The next day was 'Go Bonkers' and even the quietest of children were super confident at the sight of huge inflatable slides and bouncy castles. The ice creams also seem to go went down very well!
Thursday and Friday were party days and Ralph's mummy was kind enough to come in and face paint some amazing designs onto the children`s faces.
On Friday it was time to say a Goodbye to the children and wish them good luck. We were overwhelmed with all your kind words, cards,flowers and presents.
We couldn't have asked for a better group of children and a more supportive set of parents.

Happy Summer and see you in September
The Nursery Team x

Well done to Aubree for being at Nursery every single day.What a wonderful attitude to school Aubree.

Friday, 19 July 2019


An emotional afternoon as our year 6 pupils say their goodbyes.
They leave Mead with our very best wishes as they move on to the next stage of their education.
Good bye and good Luck

Weekly Newsletter - 19th July 2019

Dear Parents,
As we come to the end of what has been another very busy, but very successful year in school I have a lot of people to thank. Firstly and most importantly your wonderful children who have worked so hard to make this an outstanding year. Both year 2 and year 6 pupils worked really hard for their SATs tests and our year 1 phonic screening test results were good which is a testimony to the hard work of our teachers in continuing to implement the ‘Read Write Inc’ scheme in school

Secondly to all of our staff who have worked tirelessly throughout the year to ensure the best possible outcomes for our pupils.

Thirdly and by no means last, you the parents/carers, your support throughout the year, whether it be in supporting your child with work at home or supporting the school through attendance at fundraising events, is invaluable and continues to help the school improve and succeed.

It was lovely to see parents/carers who attended the open evening on Monday and thank you to those parents/carers who have returned their comment slips, I haven’t had a chance to read them all as yet but am grateful for the very positive comments I have seen so far.

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to a number of staff members: Miss Woodgate, Miss Evans, Miss James and Miss Thomas are all relocating to other areas (Miss Woodgate to Holland!) and Mrs lomas is leaving temporarily to have her baby.
They all leave Mead with our very best wishes for the future.

On a more positive note we extend a warm Mead welcome to Ms Boxall who will be the teacher in our nursery, Miss Bloom who will be taking New Zealand class, Mr Cash who will be taking Greece class, Miss Miklaucich who will be working alongside Mrs Rolph in Madagascar class, Miss Bush who will work alongside Miss Winters in Scotland class and Miss Hircock who will be working alongside Miss Doherty in Canada class.

I am sure you will all join me in wishing Miss Highton and her fiance all the best for their upcoming wedding. We hope that they both enjoy their wonderful wedding day and have a very happy life together.

Summer Reading activities-Get Caught Reading 2019
This year we will be running a 'Get Caught Reading' competition during the Summer Holiday again. It is a competition that has been extremely popular at Mead and led to some great photos of the pupils and staff.

Best picture of staff/the pupil reading - normally in a stunning location (outside Buckingham Palace, or a beach somewhere tropical... the sky's the limit) wins a book voucher. Just follow the simple steps...

Get a good book
Get caught reading it somewhere unusual - have your picture taken
Send it in via the school Facebook page - or Facebook Messenger
Add the location to the shared map: click here
Wait for confirmation that you have won the competition!
There is also a Summer Reading Challenge Tracker for the children to complete.
Click here to access the tracker

Term Dates 2019-20
Havering term dates for the academic year 2019-2020 can be found here.

INSET Days 2019-2020
INSET 1 -Wednesday 4th September
INSET 2 -Friday 3rd April
INSET 3 -Monday 20th July
INSET 4 -Tuesday 21st July
INSET 5 -Wednesday 22nd July

The following is a communication from Havering Catering Services who provide our school meals
I am writing to politely inform you of a small price increase for school meals from September 1st 2019. The current price will be going up by 5p from £2.20 to £2.25 (per meal). We have managed to avoid any increases for over 3 years; however we are in a position where we need to increase now due to challenges such as food inflation.

Please remember new Year 3 parents unfortunately you will need to pay for your children’s meals now-Please ensure your SQuid accounts are set up and the correct monies deposited.
Week beginning 2/9/19 is week 1 on the lunch menu.

Breakfast Club
Our breakfast club is changing as of 5th September as it will be run by Havering Catering services
The price remains the same at £1.50.

For this your child can have Bacon or Sausage sandwich or beans on toast with cereal or toast or fresh fruit or yoghurt plus a drink (FULL MENU BELOW)

We will also have speciality days when other items such as pancakes and muffins will be available.

In order for you to book a place you will need to deposit the monies in advance in your Squid account.

Please do not send your child to school to attend breakfast club if there are no funds in your account as they will not be admitted.

Return to School: Thursday 5th September
Year 1 - Year 6 pupils are expected back at school for 8.30am on Thursday 5th September. Breakfast Club will be open as usual that day from 7.45am.

Attendance Update
Our overall attendance for the year is 94.4%, just below our target of 96%: hopefully with a joint effort we will reach our target next year! Well done to Canada class who had the highest attendance for the year in Y5&6 and overall at 95.5% -They celebrated with a pizza party this afternoon. Germany had the highest attendance in LKS2 at 95.3% and Palau had the highest attendance in KS1 at 94.9%. Well done to them!

As this is the last Newsletter before the summer holidays I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays. For those of you moving on to secondary school we will miss you but we know you are well prepared for the challenges you will face and you go with our very best wishes for the future. For those returning in September we look forward to seeing you on Thursday 5th September.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs L Smith

Well done to our reading stars

Well done to these children who have been working so hard with their reading.
Vansh read in excess of 400 books this year.
Jack read 200 books and chose a trilogy of books.
Riddhi read 150 books to get a platinum trophy and a very enthusiastic Joshua was absolutely thrilled with his platinum trophy for reading 150 books

Well done to Marziah who read in excess of 300 books this year.What an amazing achievement as we know that books get longer as you get older

Well done to you all and keep that reading up in the Summer.

If You Were An Engineer What Would You Do?

Mead school entered the ‘If You Were An Engineer What Would You Do?’ awards. This is a competition for all school aged pupils and its purpose is to raise the profile of engineering as a career. The competition was explained in an assembly and those interested had to come up with a problem they wanted to solve and a way of solving it. They had to draw a diagram of their invention, label it and write a supporting letter. We had about 20 entries which were sent off to Birmingham to be judged. There were over 2,000 entries in the London area and 190 were shortlisted.

The following pupils were given a distinction and shortlisted;
Ivan Coleman Year 3
Rebekah Avorgbedor Year 4
Demilade Okunoren Year 5
Ryan Mutombo Year 5
Alecia Mmor Year 6
Chanelle Angus Year 6
Kian Muwenda-Simbwa Year 6

The following received a merit for their work;
Briana Grigore
Sophie Andreetti-Brown
Tatiana Hakeem
Mihaela Bordei,Grace Allen and Brooke Gray were awarded a pass for their inventions.
Let’s get even more pupils involved next year!

Primary Engineering Competition

Pupils from Mead Primary School took part in the Primary Engineering Competition and joined other school at the Ford Research and Development plant, Dunton. Jan Labedzki, Rebekah Avorgbedor, Ivan Coleman and Jacob Collins formed the two teams representing Mead School. They had to build a buggy out of wood and cardboard. The vehicle had to perform two tests; climb a slope and travel in a straight line on the flat. The teams also had to explain their model and how they had developed it to the judges. We also got a ride around the test track at the facility.
It was a great day and a fantastic experience for the children.

Music Junction

This year, Mead school were invited to join in a scheme to give pupils the chance to work with professional musicians, undertake workshops and perform in a concert in London. They were loaned instruments and had six, two hour workshops after school. The project culminated in a concert with The London Chamber Orchestra at Cadogan Hall, London.
The pupils all worked very hard and, I am pleased to say, all of them persevered to the end. It was quite tough during the workshops as many of them had not played the instrument before. The end result was a fantastic concert in a famous London venue in front of a large audience. This whole project helped to develop self-esteem and confidence as well as foster an interest in playing an instrument.
The following pupils took part in the project;
Anmona Sahakunda
Jacob Collins
Eemani Nicholas
Abigail Safo-Frimpong
Fizzah Mohammad
Niharika Sharma
Aminata Singhateh
Ryan Eaton
Rebecca Stetco
Maliha Qadri

Pritika Maheshwari

Sports Day results

We were very lucky this year that the sun shone for our sports days and a good time was had by all.
The final results:

Year 1-Australia
Year 2-Kenya
Year 3- N.Ireland
Year 4-Greece
Year 5-Mexico
Year 6-Brazil
Very well done to everyone who took part

Academic Excellence Award

The following children receive awards in recognition of their achievements in learning this year. Well done to
Eduard, Isabel and Layla in our Reception classes
Alexis, Arjya and Aamir in Year 1
Vansh, Katie and Kajus in Year 2
Jack B, Gabriela and Shay in Year 3
Vanesa, Jasmine and Anya in Year 4
Taruni, Vanessa and Maryam in Year 5
Nadia, Sulaiman and Moavyya in Year 6

End of Year Award-Excellent Effort

The following children have worked really hard this year in all areas of the curriculum and receive awards for the excellent effort they have made.

Nicolas, Anete and Majus in Reception
Esmai, Bella-Leigh and Daniel O in Year 1
Billy, Frankie and Remi in Year 2
Kali, Aaliyah and Kezrae in Year 3
Summer, Mihaela and Harman in Year 4
Julia, Jimmy and Mark in Year 5
Nura, Briana and Grace in Year 6

End of Year Award-Outstanding Contribution

The following children have been recognised for their outstanding contribution throughout the year

Amber, Mickey- Ray and David in Reception
Sumad, Lenny and Paige in Year 1
Francesca, Sophie and Hurairah in Year 2
Zahi, George and Daniela in Year 3
Tim, Jacob and Abigail in Year 4
Amanda, Demilade and Carrie in Year 5
Jan, Sophie A-B and Kian in Year 6

End of Year-Pupil Choice Awards

The following children have been elected by their classmates to receive this particular award:

St Lucia -Hazel
N. Zealand -Jared
N.Ireland -Marcel
Barbados -Harrison
Australia -Sky
Wales -Dinuki
Jamaica -Levi
Palau -Zachary
Scotland -Brea
Greece -Havin
Kenya -Katie
Italy -Ellie
Egypt -Lukas 
Germany -Zehra
U.S.A -Lily
Canada -Rebecca
Mexico -Ryan
Chile -Claudia
Brazil -Dalayla
Argentina -Cameron

End of Year -Sporting Excellence Awards

Well done to the following children who have worked really hard in PE/Games lessons and show a real flair in Sports activities

Amaliah, Daniel and Ty in Reception
Eva, Victoria and Lola St in Year 1
Daniel B, Michael and Rianne in Year 2
Chajay, Jay-Jay and Macie in Year 3
Kamauri, Asia and Tomi in Year 4
Ramone, Amy-Leigh and Crystal in Year 5
Lois, Molly and Uzoma in Year 6

End of Year -Year 6 SATs Awards

These Year 6 pupils are being recognised for their fantastic effort and attainment in this year's SATs
tests-Very well done to them.

Maths Award- Yakoub and Maisie
Reading Award-Andrei and Riana
Progress Award- Rosie and Hektor

End of Year-4Rs Awards-Resilience

These wonderful children receive the Resilience Award for 2019

St Lucia- Alex
Barbados- Daniel
Jamaica- Janisha
N. Zealand- Arya
Australia- Cattleya
Palau- Freddie
Madagascar- Olivia-Rose
Kenya- Aronas
Egypt- Tommy C
N. Ireland- Daniel
Wales- Louisa
Scotland- Austeja
Italy- Lilyana
Germany- Joshua C
U.S.A- Aiden
Canada- Donald
Mexico- Jacob-Lee
Chile- Eshaan
Brazil- Brooke

End of Year 4Rs Awards-Reflectiveness

These wonderful children receive the reflectiveness award for 2019

St. Lucia- Sadie
Barbados- Nevaeh
Jamaica- Keeley
N. Zealand- Valentino
Australia- Michelle
Palau- Eleni
Madagascar- Stephen
Kenya- Ian
N. Ireland- Nicole
Wales- Emily
Scotland- Logan
Greece- Lily
Italy- Kai
Germany- Harrison
U.S.A- Eemani
Canada- Lily-May
Chile- Tzoulia
Brazil- Kerry
Argentina- Chelsey

End of Year -4Rs Awards-Reciprocity

These wonderful children received the Reciprocity Award for 2019:

St Lucia -Indigo
Barbados -Vilte
Jamaica -Shivanshi
N. Zealand -Oghomwen
Australia -Tommy
Palau -Sophia
Madagascar -Leona
Kenya- Ema
Egypt -Elise
N.Ireland -Bella
Wales -Lucas
Scotland -Felicity
Greece -Kira
Italy -Hamit
Germany -Aminata
U.S.A -Sebastian
Canada -Mihrac
Mexico -Akacia
Chile -Jamell
Brazil -Joseph
Argentina -Peter

End of Year -4Rs Resourcefulness

These wonderful children receive the Resourcefulness award for 2019

St. Lucia- Yannis
Barbados- Marvellous
N. Zealand- Charleigh
Madagascar- Olivia
Kenya- Frankie
N. Ireland-Alfie
Greece- Aniyah
U.S.A -Evita
Canada- Ryan
Chile- Miah
Argentina- Chloe

100% Attendees

A massive well done to the following pupils who have been in school every day this academic year:
England class (Nursery)- Samuel
Barbados class-David, Arooba and Matthew
St. Lucia- Daniel and Maathumai
Australia- Linh and Joshua
New Zealand- Zachary and Jared
Palau- Fareeda, Eva-Rae and Bentley
Madagascar- Sarah, Kajus and Lilly
Kenya- Leo
Wales- Jack, Hayden, Jessica, Tyler and Benjamin
Scotland- Oli
N. Ireland- Jolin and Sulejman
Germany- Aidan, Rebekah, Dan, Kelvin, Aliyah, Jannat and Ruby
Greece- Maroosh, Havin and Harman
Italy- Caleb and Riley
Canada- Maryam and Donald
U.S.A- Amy-Leigh, Rowan and Vanessa
Mexico- Amba, Ramone and Alexandra
Argentina- Kian
Chile- Sarah, Andrei and Adedeji

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Malta Class Went Bonkers

Yesterday Malta Class had their first adventure outside the new ARP building together. They went onto the back field to visit the Go Bonkers inflatable attraction. The excitement had been building since the children arrived in the morning, as they could see the colourful inflatables from the classroom window. Once outside there was no stopping them (or the staff!!). Fears were overcome and the children threw themselves into the obstacles - literally. After a well deserved ice cream everyone went back to class for a rest and a dip in the paddling pool.


Our breakfast club is changing as of 5th September as it will be run by Havering Catering services
The price remains the same at £1.50. 
For this your child can have Bacon or Sausage sandwich or beans on toast with cereal or toast or fresh fruit or yoghurt plus a drink (FULL MENU BELOW)
We will also have speciality days when other items such as pancakes and muffins will be available.
In order for you to book a place you will need to deposit the monies in advance in your Squid account.
Please do not send your child to school to attend breakfast club if there are no funds in your account as they will not be admitted.


Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Year 4 Learning Challenge

Congratulation to Havin and Fizzah in Greece Class who has put in a considerable amount of effort into their Topic Learning Challenge; 'Let's Navigate London' The children loved watching their presentations especially listening to Fizzah's pamphlet of what London has to offer, and looking at Havin's model Buckingham Palace, newspaper report on the fire of London and all her effort she put into very piece. Well done girls on your homework in the last week of school!

Tuesday, 16 July 2019


Don't forget that the year one children will be performing for parents/ carers on Thursday 18th July at 2.30 in the key stage 2 hall.  The children will be singing some of the songs they have been learning with Mr Gowers in their music lessons, as well as playing the recorder.  
We hope to see you on Thursday.

Year 3 Class Parties

Year 3’s class parties shall be on Thursday. Children may bring in one item from the list below to share with their classmates




Soft drink


Sweets (please be aware that many children are unable to eat gelatin.) 

Please ensure no food has nuts in!

We look forward to celebrating with our year 3’s on Thursday.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Year 4 End of Year Party

Dear Parents/ Carers,
Can you believe it is the end of the school year already? The children have had some wonderful experiences this year and are now ready to begin Year 5. To finish our amazing time in Year 4 together, we will be having our end of year party on:
Thursday 18th July
Please could you send in party finger foods such as; crisps, fruit, sausage rolls, cakes, vegetable sticks, biscuits etc and a drink.
Thank you for your continued support,
The Year Four Team.

Lamda Reminder

Image result for creative arts

Please be aware that the children who have taken part in 'Lamda' this year have their end of year exams tomorrow. They will be told their time slot by Mrs Keen.

Please ensure your child is in school.

We wish them the very best!

Year Six - End of Term

As this is the final week for our lovely year six there will be several celebrations throughout the week.

Tuesday 16th - Games afternoon

Wednesday 17th - Go Bonkers afternoon with free ice cream.

Thursday 18th - Slip and Slide
Can all children bring in spare clothes that can get wet and a towel please.

Friday 19th - Signing of the shirts
Children need to bring in a P.E top or an old white shirt, to have signed. They cannot sign the tops that they are wearing as we will have an 'End of Year' awards ceremony.

In the afternoon the children will have music and fun with their teachers and get to say goodbye to their peers.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the continued support and we wish leavers all the best for the future!

Thank you,

The Year Six Team

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Fun in the sun with St Lucia class

On Thursday St Lucia class were joined by incoming children from Nursery for our picnic in Central Park. The children tucked into their treats in the shade, and were careful to put all their rubbish in the bin afterwards. The strawberries were particularly popular - 'These are the juiciest ones!' said Tyler!

After our snack the children enjoyed some time in the playground, taking turns to use the equipment and behaving so maturely - they are definitely ready for Year One! Charlotte F said 'Isabel and I used the spinny thing!' and Mickey-Ray helped Robbie to use the mini trampolines. The children showed us their excellent gross motor skills, excitedly balancing, climbing and swinging off of the equipment. It was a lovely afternoon out.