Monday, 10 May 2021

Germany Class become Dentists!

In year four science, we are learning about different parts of the human body. In this lesson on the human mouth, children learned about the different functions of each tooth. They inspected what lay inside adult teeth, and discovered what it really means to have a wisdom tooth!

Our children had a great time examining the inside of teeth, learning how to correctly brush, and building and solving puzzles of the human tooth. They even got to look at real dentists mirrors! 

By the end of the lesson, the children were able to accurately label each tooth and its function.

One child remarked: 'I had no idea that you got wisdom teeth when you are older. My teeth are still falling out! It was fun to get to see what is inside a tooth. I thought it was just bone, but its a lot more than that!'

Another child mentioned that 'It makes sense each tooth has a different function, otherwise we would choke!'. 

It was great to see the children fascinated and curious about their learning.