Wednesday, 5 May 2021

World Maths Day

 Today is World Maths Day. This is an annual event which aims to get primary and secondary school students excited and enthusiastic about learning Maths. In Mrs Keen's Maths group we celebrated this event by a carousel of activities.

One activity involved the pupils looking at different ancient number systems. They were working out the answer to calculations using the different symbols for the number systems.

On another table, they were creating different shapes using a tangram. A tangram is a Chinese geometrical puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven pieces which can be arranged to make various other shapes.

One activity was to use the I-Pads to research famous Mathematicians. They had to choose from one of the famous Mathematicians given and research 5 interesting facts that they found out. 
On another table, they had to use straws and marshmallows to build 3D shapes. 

The last activity was designed to develop their logic skills to solve problems.
The pupils had a fun lesson. Rebekah said "It was interesting. I always thought in Maths you had to use number skills but you need to use other skills to solve problems."