Friday, 21 May 2021

Year 3 Investigate Celery!

Year 3 Investigate Celery!

As part of their topic of plants in science this half term, year 3 have been investigating how plants transport water!

Leo and Riley with their experiment.

They conducted an experiment using celery! The celery was placed into a cup of water with food colouring in it.

Children in Northern Ireland class with their experiment.

Year 3 made predictions about what they thought might happen and then had to be very patient as they waited to find out if their predictions were correct.

Celery in Scotland class.

The next day, we looked at the celery again and found that the food colouring had travelled up the celery stalks and dyed the leaves blue and red!

Sophia, Dev and Eleni in Scotland class making their scientific discoveries.

They discovered that this was due to tubes inside the celery called xylem, which almost sucks the water up into the plant and all the way up to the leaves!

Year 3 then drew a diagram to record their results.

Rose in Wales class' annotated diagram.