Friday, 20 November 2020

Year 6 awards


Well done to this week's Year 6 award winners: The week’s Star Writers are:

Argentina- Saffiya

Brazil- Harman

Chile- Sasha


The pupils in Year 6 who received an 'E for Excellence' certificate are:

Argentina- Ryleigh-Mae

Brazil- Nina

Chile- Samuel


Also, Abigail, Isabel, Mykolas, Vinnie & Havin in Brazil received a certificate for reflectiveness for their portrayal of the characters within ‘The Highwayman’ poem by Alfred Noyes in a hot-seating activity.

Emilie, Mahroosh, Tomi, Justice, Leah, Mia, Havin, Harman, Nia, Nina, Pavel, Josh K, Rebecca, Anya, Alex, Aliyah, Amelia, Vlad and Anmona have worked really hard on Mathletics at home and have achieved a bronze award.

For homework, the pupils were asked to create a 3D model of the rainforest, labelling the different layers. I was really impressed with their results. Nina, Ellie and Mia’s efforts each received a WOW! Award for their models as well as Hope for researching lots of Science facts for electricity.