Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Please be on time!


Mead is trying to keep the school open and as safe as possible but we do need your help! Unfortunately, we have noticed that the number of children arriving late to school has begun to increase. So that we keep all the bubbles separate and have children, entering and exiting from designated areas we need the children to be in on time.

Please be reminded that the gates in KS2 open at:

8:30am for years 4 and 6.

8:40am foe years 2 and 5

8:50am for year 3

The gates in KS1 open at:

8:30am for Nursery

8:40am for Reception and year 1  

The gates will be locked at 9am- after this your child can only enter via the office.

If you are consistently late we will have to report this to the Local Authority and because of the risk this presents crossing bubbles, they may not be allowed in school.

Thank you for your continuous support.