Friday, 27 November 2020

Weekly Newsletter 27-11-2020

27th November 2020

Dear Parents,

I want to take this opportunity to thank all members of the Mead community for supporting us at this time. We have worked hard in school to adhere to all the guidelines and that coupled with your diligence has ensured there has been minimal disruption to the children’s education. Everything crossed that this will continue to the end of term.

We are very busy in school at the moment preparing for our Christmas performances. Sadly current restrictions make it impossible for parents/carers to come into school but we will be sharing the performances via Google classroom, class Dojo and on social media. I’ll let you know all the important dates next week.

Havering Catering Services
Week beginning Monday 30th November is week 2 on the Havering catering services menu. All meals are served with unlimited salad and vegetables and cost £2.25. The menu can be accessed here (it says infant school but is the menu for both infants and juniors).

Please be reminded to top up your child’s catering account as we cannot provide dinners for pupils whose accounts exceed a debt of £10.

Diary Dates
Term Dates 2020-21
Autumn Term

Monday 2nd November - Friday 18th December

Spring Term
Monday 4th January - Friday 12th February
Monday 22nd February - Thursday 1st April

Summer Term
Monday 19th April - Friday 28th May
Monday 7th June - Friday 23rd July

INSET Days 2020-2021



Thursday 3rd September 

Friday 4th  September  




Monday 22nd February

Friday 28th May

Friday 23rd July

Attendance Update

Year 5&6

Year 3&4







Well done to Argentina class who had the highest attendance in Y5&6 at 97.7%. Greece had the highest attendance in LKS2 and overall at 98.8% and Australia had the highest attendance in KS1 at 97.6%. Well done to them!. The overall attendance was disappointing at 94.7% which is well below our target.

These children have used a range of powerful vocabulary and techniques to become a Star Writer; Rianne in Germany, Deja in Barbados,Khasim in Antigua, Robert in Jamaica, Scarlett in Kenya, Jake in Northern Ireland class, James in Scotland, Sadie in Egypt, Natalia in Australia, Emma in Palau, Freddie in New Zealand, Evie in Wales. Emily in USA, Ajus in Chile, Havin in Brazil, Marley in Argentina, Lileerae In Greece, Leo in Italy class, Brea in Canada, Kane in Madagascar, Isla in St Lucia and Milana in Mexico. Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Learning Power Awards:
These are the awards we present to the pupils when they have demonstrated one of our four learning skills: Resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness & resourcefulness.

Esmai and Rio in Scotland, receive certificates for reciprocity and Zachary in Wales and Evie in Germany receive certificates for resilience -Very well done to them!

Tracker Awards:
Congratulations to the latest pupils who have achieved their Bronze awards: Jack and Charlotte F in Egypt and Kydeigh, Matthew, Kaden, Jessie, Alannah and Olivia in Kenya

Silver Tracker certificates are awarded to Janisha, Daniel R and Majus in Madagascar Well done to them!

Dev in Scotland and Isabel in Egypt receive Gold Tracker certificates in recognition of the fantastic effort they have made in learning.

David in Scotland and Marcel in Mexico have achieved their diamond tracker awards.

Zahi in USA has achieved his Platinum Tracker certificate.

Certificate of Presentation:
Well done to Tommy C in Germany, Cattleya in Northern Ireland, Alexis in Scotland, Alannah in Kenya, Tommy, Mickey-Ray, Tyler, and Renesmee in Egypt, Leona in Australia. Emilia in Palau, Coby in New Zealand, Tehzeeb in Wales and Janisha in Madagascar who have presented their work beautifully; They have shown pride in their work and taken care with their handwriting and number formation.

Reading Awards
The following pupil have read 10 books and receive a bookmark for their efforts, Joanna and Aleeza in Jamaica, Samuel and David in Kenya, Ellison, Ella and Amelia in Barbados, Jacob and Lillie in Antigua, Karl in Palau, India in New Zealand, David and Sky in Northern Ireland, Isabel, Teddy, Renesmee, Maathumai, Indigo, Hazel, Gracie, Diamond and Charlotte G in Egypt, Nisa in Scotland, Evie, Charleigh, James and Tehzeeb in wales, Harry, Andy, Leo and Sophie in Italy and Helena in Canada.

Aayan, Amen and Eduard in Kenya, Ezra and Zofia in Barbados, Kelsie and Lillie in Antigua, David A in Scotland, Oghomwen, Victoria and Tilly in Wales, Isabel, Tommy, Nicolae and Izampela in Egypt, Amelia in Australia, Muhammad, Janisha, Evelin, David and Alex in Madagascar, Akhila, Oguzcan and Charlotte, Justas and Olivia in St Lucia have achieved bronze reading awards for reading 25 books.

Silver Reader awards go to Antony in Kenya, David T, Matteo and Kavi in Jamaica, Lily in Australia, Daniel K in Madagascar and Skyla in Antigua who have read 50 books. They each receive a silver certificate and a £5 book token for their efforts.

Emilia in Barbados, Amari in Antigua, Amaan in Palau and Ignacy and Zuzanna in New Zealand have read 75 books and she gets a book of her choice for her fantastic effort.

Mathletics Award
The following children have been award a Bronze certificate for achieving 1000 points by completing their Mathletic challenges; Lexi and Riddhi in Germany, David, Bogdan, Maximilian, Nisa, Olivia, Dev and Katherine in Scotland, Joshua, Roberto, Michael N and David in Northern Ireland, Jacob, Maya, Oghomwen, Tehzeeb, Bella-Leigh, David, Jokubas, Victoria, Sofia and Jared in Wales, Arsalaan,Moksha, Nuhaa, Noah, Kajus,Mia, Charley, Emilia, Maisy, Taha and Amaan in Palau, Zahi, Hayden, Melisa, Rehan, Lenny and Benjamin in USA, Mia, Elma, Ellie Leah, Emilie and Mahroosh in Brazil, Alex, Wajeeha & Lev in Argentina, Vlad, Reggie, Irina, Chloe and Jason in Chile, Aisha, Esther, Poppy, Logan, Natalia, Ralph,Samhita, Isla, Damira, Grace, Amelia, Hollie-Rai, Andrey, Visha, Avyukt, Aum, Leya and Shay in Australia, Amy, Darius, Domas, William, Ria, India, Izabela, Sandra, Donovan, Ignacy, Dora, Zuzanna, Shayan and Ella in New Zealand, Francesca in Italy, Aiza, Brea, Andriana, Reuben and Austeja in Canada and Julia, Jolin, Nicole, Daniela and Alishba in Mexico.

These children have been awarded a silver certificate for achieving 5 Bronze certificates in Mathletics; Nisa and Katherine in Scotland, Charley and Amaan in Palau, Michael N in Northern Ireland. Sofia and David in Wales. Melisa and Rehan in USA, Shay in Australia, Ellie in Brazil, Chloe in Chile Izabela and Ignacy in New Zealand and Andriana in Canada, Julia and Jolin in Mexico.

These children have been awarded a gold certificate for 20 consistent weeks of work; Katherine in Scotland, Sofia in Wales, Ignacy in New Zealand, Julia in Mexico and Andriana in Canada

The winning classes in KS2 this week were: Wales and Scotland

Fact Hunter Award
In recognition of his insatiable appetite for knowledge and ability to sniff out amazing facts the following child has been awarded a certificate; Sumad in Scotland,

I have made my teacher happy/WOW Award



Diamond, Carter, Teddy, Maryam and Hazel in Egypt

For moving up a book band

Dovydas in Germany

For helping fill in as TA 

Nevaeh, Antony, Nicolas, Marvellous, Kydeigh, Harrison  and Eduard in Kenya

For doing fantastic work at home this week.

Alannah and Kaden in Kenya

For receiving a lunchtime award

Arjya, Evie, Charliegh-May, Chloe, Bella-Leigh & Jacob in Wales.

For moving up a book band.

Chloe in Wales.

For completing fantastic work at home. 

Hayden and Melisa in USA

For receiving a lunchtime award

Joseph in USA

For improved behaviour

Brooke T  in USA

For improved behaviour

Porsha in Palau

For trying hard to write her name

Angelo in Palau

For being a kind friend.

Damira in Australia

For being a kind friend.

Poppy, Logan and Lyra in Australia.

For fantastic writing in Read Write Inc.

Zuzanna and Ignacy in New Zealand.

For reading 75 books.

Amy in New Zealand.

For excellent RWI work.

Sofia, Nazmie, Charlotte, Lucas, Kajus, Chase, Tommy R, Nicole, Rianne and Remi in Germany

For completing their homework.

Connie in Italy class

For doing lots of reading on Bug Club.

Francesca in Italy Class

For doing lots of times tables on TT Rockstars. 

Nazmie in Germany

For completing difficult maths work in a second language. 

Daniel K, Majus and Alice in Madagascar

For completing bingo homework

David, Alice, Dempcee, Majus and Alex in madagascar

For moving up a book band

Amari in Antigua

For reading 75 books

E for Excellence Winners:
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.









St Lucia

Amelia D



New Zealand
























N. Ireland










Have a fabulous weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs L Smith