Friday, 27 November 2020

Year 5 Certificate Winners

Well done to our Year 5 certificate winners this week!
E for Excellence: Freddie in Canada, Milana in Mexico & Alexa in U.S.A

Star Writers: Milana in Mexico, Brea in Canada & Emily in U.S.A

Lunchtime Awards: Melisa and Hayden in U.S.A and Daniel in Mexico.

Platinum tracker awards go to Marcel in Mexico and Zahi in USA.


These children earnt their Bronze certificate by earning 1000 points this week: Zahi, Hayden, Melisa, Rehan, Lenny and Benjamin in USA, Aiza, Brea, Andriana, Reuben and Austeja in Canada, Julia, Jolin, Nicole, Daniela and Alishba in Mexico.

Melisa and Rehan in USA, Andriana in Canada, Julia and Jolin in Mexico have also earnt the silver certificates this week.

These children have been awarded a gold certificate for 20 consistent weeks of work; Julia in Mexico and Andriana in Canada.

Wow awards go to Brooke T and Joseph in USA. 

We are so proud of you all & keep up the fantastic work :)