Friday, 27 November 2020

Mathletics Competition


Mathletics Competition

Well done to all of you who took part in last weeks Mathletics competition. This was a worldwide competition, with schools competing from countries such as Japan, America, Mexico, France, Italy, Ireland and Malaysia. In total 647 schools took part. We are proud to say that Mead came in 80th position over all, which is an amazing achievement.

The 2 children from each year group with the highest scores were rewarded with a certificate and a prize. The winners were:

Reception: Domas from Barbados and Nathan K from Jamaica

Year 1 : Taha and Nuhaa in Palau

Year 2: Daniel K and Majus in Madagascar

Year 3: Max in Scotland and Arjya in Wales

Year 4: Vansh in Greece and Kajus in Germany

Year 5: Afnan in Canada and Zahi in USA

Year 6: Mahroosh and Anya in Brazil

Well done to all of you,

Mrs Todd and Miss Gibson