Thursday, 19 November 2020

Forest School - Year 3 - Week 8

We started off with a little woodland music, scraping, shaking and tapping our natural instruments. Then moved on to the focus of today - fires. The children had been introduced to the 3 elements required to start a fire the other week but we ran out of time for them to have a turn. Today they were all enthusiastic to try. Sparks were created with the fire steels (heat) and then the spark was transferred to the cotton wool (fuel) which was first fluffed (to create space for the oxygen). The combination resulted in lots of mini fires and a great sense of achievement from all the children. Getting the exact combination of fuel, heat and oxygen can be really quite tricky and lots of resilience was displayed as the children kept going even when it felt like it wasn’t working. 

Well done Year 3.