Friday, 15 March 2019

WOW Awards

I have made my teacher happy.

Nicolas in Barbados class for his work on 1 more/less.
In Jamaica class - Levi for his participation during maths, Alice for writing extra sentences during RWI, Amelie for moving up to red books and for some beautiful independent writing, Layla for moving to yellow books, learning all her sets of sight words and writing her own dinosaur book, Keeley for moving up to red books and Tommy and Tilly for making fantastic dinosaur models at home.
Daniel, Millie, Alexis and Sienna in Palau for moving up a book band and Max for completing his Bingo.
Daniel W, Daniel O, Aamir, Elena, Gabriel, Alfie, Joshua, Cattleya, Lola St, Junior and Linh in Australia for moving up a book band.
Sarah in Madagascar for completing the Bingo homework.
Rehan in Scotland for reading 10 books or more.
Ella in Egypt for moving up a book band.
Tim in Germany for his excellent PowerPoint presentation on forces.
Anya in Greece for completing two science homework projects.
Rose, Jaion, Chloe and Bella-Leigh in New Zealand for moving up book level, James for his fantastic contribution in RWI and Bella-Leigh for her knowledge in science.
Elizabeth and Kian in Argentina for reading 10 books.