Sunday, 24 March 2019

Reception Newsletter Spring 2 Week 5

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Dear Parents, Carers

We hope you are enjoying the weekend. The children really enjoyed their work on 'Superheroes' last week and we will come back to Superhero work shortly but for but this week we really want to focus on thinking about our mums and all the amazing things that they do.

Thank you to all those parents who are actively encouraging their children to come into school by themselves. Most children are now able to do this confidently. As the children are becoming more independent in their early morning routines, we will be continuing to encourage parents to say their goodbyes at the doors and allowing the children to walk up the corridor to their classes by themselves. Members of staff will of course be there to greet your child and assist where necessary and be available should you need to speak with them.

With our ongoing work to improve the school there will be some slight disruption to both Jamaica and Barbados classes this week while new windows are fitted and the rooms are rewired.The children in these classes will temporarily be in the rooms where the Nursery used to be. Thank you for your patience during this time.

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We will continue with our phonics programme Read, Write Inc, recapping our sounds and practising to blend and write words using their set 1 sounds. In maths we will be looking at 2D shapes, identifying and talking about their properties.

Your child will continue to bring home a reading book (which is changed weekly) and a set of sight words. The expectation is your child reads at least 3 times or more each week. As we are promoting a love of reading, we encourage your child to read a range of books and is not limited to the one we send home with them. Please also remember to make a note of the title of the book your child has read to help them achieve their reading awards.

Please remember to go online and book your parent`s evening appointment.This is a good opportunity to find out how your child is doing and ideas for supporting their learning.


If your child has any comics at home that they have finished with we would be grateful for them in school. Children enjoy sharing these and having a variety of reading material helps their development.

We would also be grateful for any dressing up clothes that your child may no longer wear. Some of ours are looking a little over loved.

We are on Week 1 of this menu. Monday’s choices are:

Red-Beef Burger in a Bun with Wedges

Blue-Cheesy Tomato Pasta Pot

Green-Vegetable Burger in a Bun with Wedges

Messages –
  • PLEASE NAME all items of clothing. This will help when returning lost items, particularly jumpers and cardigans with the right child. We are still accumulating a large number of items. Please check your child’s class if they are missing something.
  • Our PE days are Wednesday. Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school. If they wear earrings they need to be removed on this day.
  • Thank you to all those parents who have sent in a named set of spare clothes. If you haven’t yet could you please ensure your child has a named set of spare clothes and underwear on their peg as soon as possible. Please note this does not need to be school uniform.
  • Children can also bring in a pair of named wellies to leave in school. This would be great for use in the mud kitchen and on rainy days.
  • Please actively encourage your child to put away their book bag and hang up their coat in the morning. It would also be really helpful if you could discuss the menu choices with your child the previous night to help them independently find their cupcake and make their lunch choice.
Please can you ensure that if your child is not in school for any reason you call the school to report the absence. This saves the office staff a lot of time spent in making phone calls. 


If your child attends breakfast club, breakfast costs from £1.50. Thank you

Dates for your diary:
We are looking forward to seeing you at both our reading morning and our Mother`s day stay and make on Friday.

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Spring Term
Friday 29th MarchReception reading morning
Friday 29th MarchMother's day stay and play
Monday 8th AprilParents evening
Tuesday 9th AprilParents evening
Friday 12th AprilSchool closes for Easter holidays
Monday 29th AprilINSET DAY
Tuesday 30th AprilSchool reopens
Monday 4th MayMay day bank holiday

INSET Dates and Polling day for 2018-19

We have two inset days left this academic year, please see the dates below:

3rd September
4th September
7th January
29th April
3rd June

Please note that the final day of the summer term will be on Friday 19th July, 2019.
Our learning objectives this term will be listed under these headings:

Personal, Social and Emotional:

Confident to speak to others about own needs, wants, interests and opinions.

Can describe self in positive terms and talk about abilities

Can usually adapt behaviour to different events, social situations and changes in routine.

Communication and Language:

Joins in with repeated refrains.

Can retell a simple story.

Builds up vocabulary that reflects the breadth of their experiences.


Describes main story settings, events and principal characters.

Beginning to be aware of the way stories are structured.

Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipated key events and phrases in rhymes and stories.

Physical Development: 

Forms recognisable letters.

Can usually manage washing and drying hands.

Runs skilfully and negotiates spaces successfully.


To confidently count to 20 and beyond demonstrating place value.

Says the number which is 1 more than a given number.

Finds 1 more or 1 less from a group of up to 5 objects and then 10 objects.

Understanding the World:

Remembers and talks about significant events in their own experiences.

Shows an interest in different ways of life.

Can talk about some of the things they have observed.

Expressive arts and design:

Constructs with a purpose in mind.

Manipulates material to achieve a planned effect.

Explores colour and how colour can be changed

If you would like to contact a member of the EYFS team via email the address is:

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Reception Team