Monday, 25 March 2019

Science Week 2019!

Science week is over for another year but what amazing participation we saw from pupils across the whole school.
Children enjoyed new and fun experiments with their teachers and also got to experience an immersive assembly!
What really has impressed us is the effort and hard work some pupils have put in at home to complete the science week learning challenge. This was an optional challenge where children could use research or design and take part in their own experiment. We have seen more entries than any other year in the past so a big well done to everybody that took part!

Here are some of the fantastic entries from this year:
3 of our pupils got creative with their presentation...
Nina, in Greece Class, with her scientist research
Aminata, in Germany class, with her 'Think before you drink' investigation.
Jasmine, in Italy class, with her amazing home made battery experiment.
Lots of children enjoyed researching about the life and inventions of Albert Einstein.
Kerry in Year 6, Amy-Leigh, Danni & Amara in Year 5, Tim in Year 4 and Brea & Jolin in Year 3.
These pupils also had some fun at home designing their own experiments and writing out a full investigation including a question, hypothesis, method, equipment, results and even a conclusion.
Alexandra in Year 5 - What patterns can food colouring make in milk?
Maryam in Year 5 - Why do bath bombs fizz only in liquid?
Maliha in Year 5 - Does popcorn pop when there is a hole in the bag?
Pritika in Year 5 - Ice catching experiment
Amba in Year 5 - Smoke rings experiment
Kyanna in Year 6 - Planets model
Anya in Year 4 - Does fire set alight to a wet piece of tissue?
Aliyah in Year 4 - Magnetic plates experiment
Zahi in Year 3 - Can I make an optical illusion by using stripe lines?
More impressive research on some other famous scientists.
Ada Lovelace by Kira & Havin in Greece.
Nikola Tesla by Vanessa in Germany.
A timeline of multiple scientists & their inventions linked to journeys by Olivia in Scotland.
Information posters on the famous Stephen Hawking by Amelia & Aliyah in Year 4 and Eemani & Maliha in Year 5.
An outstanding timeline poster linked to this year's theme on Journeys by Zahi in Wales class.

Pupils still have until Wednesday to submit any final entries. Winners will be announced in this weeks E for Excellence assembly.