Friday, 29 March 2019

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy
Amelie in Jamaica -For moving up a book band
Eduard in Barbados -For moving up a book band
Neveah in Barbados -For her impeccable manners.
Sadie in St Lucia -For moving up a book band
Sumad and Siddi in Palau -For completing their bingo homework
Arthur, Jokubas, Jared and Valentino in New Zealand -For moving up book band.
Rio, Lara, Nisa and Sumad in Palau -For moving up a book level
Ivan in N.Ireland -For his fantastic model of an earthquake and fact file.
Elijus in N.Ireland -For his facts about flags.
Tomi and Anthony in Greece -For Science homework
Anya in Greece -For creating science themed comprehensions for the class to enjoy.
Aliyah in Germany class -For her facts about the rainforest.
Rocco and Mariama in Madagascar -For moving up a book band
Daniel B, Vansh, Kajus and Olivia in Madagascar -For completing Bingo homework.
Tommy R in Egypt -For Bingo homework,
Daisy in Egypt -For moving up a book band.
Arthur in Mexico -For practicing arithmetic test at home
Amelia in Mexico -For defining spellings in a dictionary
Emily in Wales -For fantastic maths homework