Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Barbados class go to forest school


After our Christmas break, the children in Barbados class got to head back outside to begin our forest school sessions. Once outside we discovered that our forest has become bigger and we had lots of new areas to explore!

We begun by playing our forest school hide and seek, and then set about building shelters for own little animals. We used sticks, mud and leaves to protect the squirrels, bunnies and hedgehogs from the weather. "I have a branch to help make my house" Albert.

We had fun digging for treasure, Kimberleigh was searching for her own treasure box using the hand held tools!

We experimented with buckets and pulleys and we had lots of chefs in the mud kitchen, cooking up some delicious cakes for Santa! 

Now we are familiar with our big new space, we are looking forward to new adventures next week!