Thursday, 21 June 2018

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy
Sebastian in Jamaica-For his concentration and attention to detail when independently making a split-pin giraffe
David in Barbados -For recognising how many pennies would be in £5.
Maxim in St. Lucia -For settling in to St Lucia class so well
Charlie in New Zealand -For moving up a book band
Feroz in New Zealand -For fantastic effort in RWI sessions
Dovydas, Kajus, Dianna, Nicole, Hurairah and Riddhi in New Zealand -For fantastic maths work with money
Jake in New Zealand -For improved listening skills
Olivia, Olivia-Rose, Gurrehmat, Daniel, Louie and Lilly in Palau -For moving up a book band
Ema, Michael, Katie, Alex, Alexander, Lily and Ali in Australia -For fantastic maths work with money
Jannat in Wales -For an informative poster on the Sikh religion
Alex in Wales -For mastering times tables 1-12
Archie in Scotland -For his participation in the rounders game
Tobey in Germany-For showing excellent behaviour and being a role model on our trip to London
Ryan in Canada -For moving up a book band
Ellie in Canada -For her all-round abilities at Mersea