Thursday, 21 June 2018

Learning Power Awards

These are the awards we present to the pupils when they have demonstrated one of our four learning skills: Resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness & resourcefulness.
Zahi in Egypt, Jacob, Chloe and Riley in N.Ireland, Mark in Greece, Chase and Sophie in U.S.A and Ricardas, Yusuf and Enea in Brazil receive certificates for reciprocity and Lily-Rae in Madagascar, Kiyah in Kenya and Zachary in Greece for reflectiveness. Well done to Lennon in Madagascar, Tyrese in N. Ireland, Mia in Scotland, Adedeji, Izzabelle and Hollie in U.S.A, Lorraine in Canada and Paris in Argentina who receive certificates for resilience and Harry and Tai in Egypt, Karla in Greece, Brooke in U.S.A and Chanelle in Canada who have shown they can be very resourceful in school.