Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Mead Junior Travel Ambassadors

On Thursday, we awarded our current JTA's with their JTA Crystal to recognise and thank them for all their help, hard work and dedication throughout this year. They have helped plan, organise and deliver various events as well as ensuring they carried out the rest of their travel duties. Well done to  Amelia, Paris, Pawel, Aimee, Amelia and Frankie.

Although, we are sad to say goodbye to them we also used the opportunity to share and celebrate what they have achieved this year. They welcomed and informed our new JTA's from Year 5 about the role of a JTA so that they are prepared to begin their travel duties in the new school term.

Congartulations to our new JTA's, Kyanna, Kerry, Chanelle, Sophie, Maddison and Biddy.