Sunday, 17 June 2018

Betsy’s Training

Betsy has been having some training sessions with staff from a local stables. Sadly her mother died when she was born. This was partly a consequence of the poor treatment they had received by their previous owners.

As a result, there isn't the usual mother horse to help teach Betsy what to do and not do... any child growing up without a parent would find it tough. Mr Darcy and Bobbi are kind and gentle but they aren't Betsy's mum or dad and they don't take any responsibility for showing Betsy what to do.

The sessions with Betsy help her to get used to being touched, to respond to commands and reward her good behaviour.

I have seen a real difference in Betsy since she started the sessions. Bobbi is used to being in a stables and being ridden by children. Betsy has always been a bit nervous. With every session she seems to be more relaxed and trusting.
Tommy - Y6

It has given our farm helpers an interesting context to see behaviour management and praise techniques being carried out. It has led to some good reflections on how those lessons could be applied to pupils!