Sunday 9 June 2024

Year 3 visit The Science Museum.

 What an incredible trip year 3 had! The Science Museum was full of surprises and fascination. We had the opportunity to explore a few of the different exhibits that were available. These included flight, space and technology just to name a few. Some examples of old flying machines, planes from World War as well as some modern planes. The children enjoyed seeing all the different styles of planes. Heading to space we were able to enjoy 3D images of the different planets and moon in our solar system as well as learning about the missions to the moon. There was even a replica of the Eagle that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin down to the moon's surface.

Year 3 continued their visit with a workshop. This term one of our units in science is looking at forces. The workshop that we participated in was all about forces. We learnt about Newton's three laws of motion using real life examples. We discovered that an apple and a hammer being dropped from the same height at the same time will hit the ground at the same moment due to a force called gravity. We repeated the same experiment with a feather and hammer, however the wind resistance meant that the hammer hit the ground first. This same experiment with the feather and hammer was performed on the moon. Can you determine the result? We had an incredible day.

Year 3 Science Museum Video