Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Germany's Cultural Week

 After looking at Kings and Queens, Germany had a German feast day! We tried lots of different meats and cheeses, as well as apple juice and chocolate milk (very popular with German children). We also decorated our pretzels with some delicious desserts!

'My favourite was the pretzels,' said Remi. Lexi also liked the different foods, because it was fun to taste something different. 

After our feast, we made some traditional Lanterns (lanterne) used in Martinstag (St Martin's Day). St Martin became a saint after he tore his cloak in half to help a man who was freezing to death. He is celebrated for his kindness, and on St Martin's day, one man will pretend to be the Saint on a grand horse, with lots of children following him with lanterns! The children sing many traditional songs (some about hoping the flame doesn't burn their paper lantern!). 

Firstly, we made the lanterns, and Germany proved how kind they are, as others buzzed around the classroom helping each other make their tricky lanterns. After these lanterns, we took a fake candle, and learned one of the traditional songs in German! No burning lanterns here!

'I think it was fun to experience German food,' said Evie. Jasmine also loved tasting all the different food and drinks. 
'I liked making the lanterns, because it was fun to make something all together.' Daisy said. 

We had a lot of fun learning a new culture this week!