Friday, 18 June 2021

Year 3 Certificate Winners

Well done to our Year 3 certificate winners this week!

E for Excellence Awards: Rose (Wales), Freddie (Scotland), Natas (Northern Ireland).
Star Writer Awards: Haydar (Northern Ireland), David (Wales), Rio (Scotland).

WOW Awards: Rio, Summer, Zach, David, Victoria, Bella-Leigh, Chloe, Lenny and Arthur (Wales), Elizabelle, Lottie, Nisa, Katherine, Olivia, Max, Riley, Aiden, Eva, Millie, Sophia, Bogdan, Fareeda, Sienna (Scotland).
Reading Awards: Nisa, George, David A (Scotland), Oghomwen and Bella-Leigh (Wales).

Tracker Awards: Riley (Scotland)
Mathletics Awards: 
Bronze Certificte: Michael N and Haydar (Northern Ireland), Jacob, Jokubas and Oghomwen (Wales) David, Bogdan, Max, Nisa, Olivia, Sophia, Dev, Sienna, Zach (Scotland).
Silver Certificate: Haydar (Northern Ireland), Oghomwen (Wales) Sophia (Scotland).

Presentation Awards: Paige (Northern Ireland) Nisa (Scotland).
Lunchtime Awards: James and Bentley (Scotland).

Well done to all of year 3 for their fantastic efforts this week!

We are so proud of you all. 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

The Year 3 Team