Friday, 18 June 2021

Germany Awards

Congratulations to Ronnie, our E for Excellence winner this week. Ronnie has worked hard in all subjects, showing that he can master any challenge. Unfortunately, Ronnie was absent today, so some of his teammates volunteered to show his certificate!

Our Star Writer this week is Charlotte. Charlotte mastered the art of notetaking, and wrote thoughtful answers to deep questions in literacy. 

Well done to Kevin, who wins our Reciprocity award. Whether in his table group or on the football field, Kevin is always ready to assist his team mates!

Rosie and Daisy both receive resilience awards, persevering through a difficult week. 

Rianne and Chase have both been awarded Wow awards for their athletic prowess in PE lessons. 

Lastly, well done to Lexie, Daisy and Lukas, who receive a silver Mathletics award, and Kajus who has won a bronze award!

Congratulations on a great week Germany!