Friday, 9 October 2020

Year 3 Awards

Well done to our Year 3 award winners this week!
E for Excellence: Lola in Northern Ireland, Jaion in Wales & Esmai in Scotland.
Star Writers: Sienna in Scotland, Michael T in Northern Ireland & Isabella in Wales.

Mathletics: Arjya, Victoria, Jokubas and Oghomwen in Wales & Sophia, Olivia, Max, Bogdan & Sienna in Scotland. 
Certificate of Presentation: David A in Scotland.
Lunchtime Award: Victoria, Oghowmen and Arthur in Wales & Sumad in Scotland.
WOW Award: Gabriel, Michael N and Roberto in Northern Ireland for reading 10 books.

Well done to every one of you! We are so proud of you & keep up the fantastic work :)