Friday, 16 October 2020

Germany's E for Excellence Winners!

This week, the amazing class of Germany has worked hard to provide incredible projects, facts, writing and hard work.

Congratulations to Jasmine, who is a new and popular student in our class, and has settled into Mead Primary easily and well. She receives our E for Excellence award. 

Congratulations to Dianna, who has written a thoughtful and inspiring poem. She wins our Star Writer Award.

When it comes to reading, Riddhi devours books! It is a huge achievement to reach 25 books -the bronze award - before the first half term. Likewise, Ronnie, Sofia and Lukas have read ten books and receive a bookmark!

Hard workers Kajus, Rahat, Nicole, Dianna, Charlie, Sofia, Chase, Riddhi and Daisy completed extra homework on Google Classroom. Well done!

Our Bronze Mathletics certificates this week go to Daisy and Kajus. Our Silver certificates go to Sofia and Nicole. A huge congratulations to Riddhi, who received a Gold certificate!

Finally, Rahat, Riddhi and Sofia provided great projects for Black History Month and are awarded a Fact Hunter certificate. 

Germany has a fantastic class that loves to learn. Well done!