Friday, 23 October 2020

Germany Certificate Winners

Congratulations to all Germany's winners. Dianna and Charlotte win WOW awards for their creative chapter stories. Kajus, Chase, Ronnie, Sofia and Jasmine win a WOW award for completing homework. 

Lexie and Ronnie have shown reflectiveness in their work this week, always ready to take on a new day. Rianne's beautiful presentation earned her a presentation award. 

Tommy C produced a meaningful and well crafted poem, and is our Star Writer this week. 

Riddhi found out great facts for British Black History Month, and receives a Fact Hunter Award. 

We have three great mathematicians this week: Kajus, Lexie and Dovydas. 

Finally, Evie has proven that she cares about her work and tries hard every day, winning our E for Excellence Award. Congratulations everyone!