Friday, 16 October 2020

Weekly Newsletter- 16/10/2020

16th October 20

Dear Parents,

We have a high volume of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, outside the school gates every morning and I am becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of our children.

I was made aware of a near miss when a child crossed the road this morning and I have witnessed children on bikes and scooters riding very near to and in some cases into the road. Please remind your children about safety on the roads-We will be doing this in school also.
Also parents in cars please DO NOT park on the zig zag lines outside school-they are there to ensure our pupils have a safe place to cross and by stopping on them you are putting children at risk.

Autumn Term Parent Consultation Evening - Monday 12th - Thursday 22nd October 
Hopefully those of you who have requested calls from teachers will now have been advised of appointment times.

Parent telephone calls will continue next week on the following dates;
Monday 19th October - Year 2
Tuesday 20th October - Year 4
Wednesday 21st October - Year 5
Thursday 22nd October - Year 6​

Year 6 Parents - 31st October 2020
The deadline for applying for secondary school places is fast approaching. Please ensure that you have registered for an online account and applied for a secondary place before this date. If you require any assistance call and speak to Mrs Kinchella.

Havering Catering Services
Week beginning Monday 19th October is week 2 on the Havering catering services menu. All meals are served with unlimited salad and vegetables and cost £2.25. The menu can be accessed here (it says infant school but is the menu for both infants and juniors).

Please be reminded to top up your child’s catering account as we cannot provide dinners for pupils whose accounts exceed a debt of £10.

Diary Dates
Term Dates 2020-21
Autumn Term
Monday 7th September - Friday 23rd October
Monday 2nd November - Friday 18th December

Spring Term
Monday 4th January - Friday 12th February
Monday 22nd February - Thursday 1st April
Summer Term
Monday 19th April - Friday 28th May
Monday 7th June - Friday 23rd July

INSET Days 2020-2021




Thursday 3rd September 

Friday 4th  September  

Monday 22nd February



Friday 28th May

Friday 23rd July

Attendance Update

Year 5&6

Year 3&4


Wales 99.4%



Australia 96.6%


Well done to U.S.A class who had the highest attendance in Y5&6 at 98.3% . Wales had the highest attendance in LKS2 and overall at an impressive 99.4% and Australia had the highest attendance in KS1 at 96.6%. Well done to them!. The overall attendance was 95.2% which is just below our target of 96%.

Star Writers:

These children have used a range of powerful vocabulary and techniques to become a Star Writer: Lacey in Jamaica, Faith in Barbados, Lenny M in St Lucia, Mia in Palau, Zuzanna in New Zealand, Ty in Egypt, Dianna in Germany, Wadi in Italy, Eva-Rae in Scotland, Samhita in Australia. Kelsie in Antigua, Cristian in Kenya, Junior in Northern Ireland, Dinuki in U.SA, Billy in Greece, Logan in Canada, Jacob in Wales, Evelin in Madagascar, Larkenz in Mexico, Vlad in Chile, Kelvin in Argentina and Nia in Brazil. Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Learning Power Awards:
These are the awards we present to the pupils when they have demonstrated one of our four learning skills: Resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness & resourcefulness.
Kiyah in USA class, Sofia in Germany and Diamond in Egypt receive certificates for reciprocity and Kris in Chile has shown they can be very resourceful in school.

Tracker Awards:
Congratulations to the latest pupils who have achieved their Bronze awards: Nicolas in Kenya, David, Paulina, Janisha, Alice and Merkhima in Madagascar and Hazel and Mickey-Ray in Egypt.
Silver Tracker certificates are awarded to Louisa in USA, James in Scotland and Isabel in Egypt. Well done to them!
Sophia in Scotland receives a Gold Tracker certificates- in recognition of the fantastic effort she has made in learning.

Certificate of Presentation:
Well done to Malakai and Natalia in Australia,Ryan in Palau, Donovan in New Zealand, Zachary in Scotland and Olivia in Kenya, who have presented their work beautifully; They have shown pride in their work and taken care with their handwriting and number formation.,

Reading Awards
The following pupil have read 10 books and receive a bookmark for their efforts, Rayan, Leah, Liam, Manha, Skyla and Victoria in Antigua, Kavi in Jamaica, Olivia, Zelda, Emilia, Sebastian and Camelia in Barbados, Henry, Isla, Amelia D, Violet, Oguzcan, Lenny L, Akhila, Summer and Rayan in St Lucia, Frankie in Italy, Cattleya, Haydar, Tommy and Joshua in Northern Ireland class. Victoria, Sofia and Bella-Leigh in Wales, Eduard, Vlad, Vilte, Matthew, Kaden, Jessie, Honey, Harrison, Crisitian and Antony in Kenya, Majus, David and Muhammad in Madagascar. Levi, Nicolae, Tommy and Maryam in Egypt, Austeja and Lily-Rae in Canada, Esther, Lily, Aisha and Visha in Australia and Ignacy, Dora and Zuzanna in New Zealand.

Olivia in Barbados, Samir in Australia, Ignacy in New Zealand, Victoria in Antigua, Riddhi in Germany and Maryam in Egypt have achieved bronze reading awards for reading 25 books.
Well done to Alesha in Egypt class who receives her platinum trophy and certificate for reading in excess of 150 books

Fact Hunter Award
In recognition of their insatiable appetite for knowledge and ability to sniff out amazing facts the following children have been awarded certificates; Riddhi, Sofia and Rahat in Germany.

Mathletics Award
The following children have been award a Bronze certificate for achieving 1000 points by completing their Mathletic challenges; Daisy and Kajus in Germany, Aamreen, Leo, Manivik, Deimantas, Filip, Francesca and Harry from Italy class, David A, David, Bogdan, Max, Nisa, Olivia, Sophia, Dev, and Sienna in Scotland, Jokubas, Victoria, Arjya and Oghomwen in Wales. Elena, Haydar, Leo, Michael N, Natas and Roberto in Northern Ireland. Vlad in Chile, Amelia, Adem, Junior and Pavel in Argentina, Logan, Andriana, Olivia amd Reuben in Canada, Sulejman, Ivan and Julia in Mexico, Emily, Zahi, Melisa, Benjamin and Taylor in U.S.A and Mia in Brazil, Aisha, Samhita, Damira, Grace and Lorena in Australia, Donovan, Dora, Domas, Ignacy and Zuzanna in New Zealand.

These children have been awarded a silver certificate for achieving 5 Bronze certificates in Mathletics;Amelia Nicole and Sofia in Germany, Deimantas and Harry in Italy, Sienna in Scotland, Emily in U.S.A. David in Wales.
The following child, Riddhi in Germany, has worked exceptionally hard to complete their Mathletic challenges and has received a Gold certificate for achieving 4 silver certificates;
The winning classes in Key stage 2 this week were Scotland and Germany
The children will see their name displayed in school on the Mathletic board outside U.S.A class

I have made my teacher happy/WOW Award



Lenny, Leo and Amelia in Australia.

For completing extra maths work and practising their counting skills.

Lyra, Poppy, Leya and Samhita.

For moving up a book band. 

Jessie, Millie, Frazer, Abina, Harrison, Samuel, Kaden and Kydeigh  in Kenya

For moving up a book band. 

Lenny and Arthur in Wales.

For moving up a book band. 

Chase, Daisy, Dianna, Charlie, Kajus, Nicole and Sofia in Germany

For completing Google Classroom Homework

Kane, Maria, Ryan and Merkhima in Madagascar

For moving up a book band. 

Hamit in Chile

for his creative project of the Amazon rainforest in South America

Ian and Jessica in U.S.A

Lunchtime awards

Lenny in U.S.A

For using adventurous vocabulary 

Renesmee, Charlotte G, Ty, Carter, Teddy and Diamond in Egypt

Tommy, Isabel, Maryam and Joshua in Egypt

For moving up a book band.

For bingo homework.

Havin in Brazil

A very creative 3D model of the Amazon rainforest made out of food (broccoli for trees, raspberries for flowers, smarties for stepping stones)

Amaan in Palau

For moving up a book band

Anya in Argentina

A creative Amazon rainforest model, complete with factsheet.

Domas, Ignacy, Coby, Daniel in New Zealand

moving up a book band.

E for Excellence Winners:
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.









St Lucia




New Zealand
























N. Ireland










Have a fabulous weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs L Smith