Friday, 24 May 2019


I have made my teacher happy:
Fizzah, Scarlett,Isabel and Reinaldas in Greece Class for Railway Homework.
Paulina in Jamaica for her amazing independent work on doubling,
Ella in Jamaica for a wonderful whirlpool home learning project,
Layla in Jamaica for writing a book all about minibeasts and for moving up a book band
Max in Palau for completing the bingo homework.
Vansh, Kajus, Joey, Remiyah and Jovan in Madagascar for Bingo homework.
Rocco, Leona, Lilly and Remiyah in Madagascar for moving up a book band
Isabel in St Lucia for writing a book about our school trip.
Kane in St Lucia for settling in to class so well.
Muhammad-Ali, Ava, Katie and Sophie in Kenya for completing bingo homework.
Nicole in N.Ireland for her fantastic poem homework
Kajus, Sofia, Tommy C and Riddhi in Egypt for Bingo homework.
Jake, Charlie, Remi and Charlotte in Egypt for moving up a book band.
Harrison - Germany - for designing his own board game and creating a wonderful model of a rocket (train) related to our topic.
Aniyah in Scotland for fabulous maths homework
Nina in Greece for fabulous maths homework