Friday, 10 May 2019

Wow Awards

I have made my teacher happy
Olivia in Barbados for her progress in RWI
Amber in Barbados for her minibeast habitat and independent writing
Luke in Jamaica for his hard work in maths and RWI lessons
Evelin in Jamaica for her bee habitat
Bogdan, Lottie, Sophia and Sienna in Palau for completing their homework bingo
Max and Daniel for moving up a book band
Francesca in Madagascar for moving up a book band.
Jack, Kristupas and Jacob in St Lucia for their minibeast habitats.
Sadie from St Lucia for moving up a book band.
Charlotte F in St Lucia for sharing her minibeast hotel photos from home.
Hazel in St Lucia for making a book at home.
Emilie, Reinaldas, Havin and Elma in Greece for their Railway homework.
Kiyah in N.Ireland for her fantastic story about her Easter holiday
Lena in N.Ireland for her fantastic poem about the summer.
Alfie in N.Ireland for his lovely art to accompany his poem.
Amelia, Aliyah and Aminata made a Mallard (train) cake linked to our topic on trains.
Daumantas in Mexico for his drawing of dragon eyes