Tuesday, 21 May 2019

A fun-filled day for Jamaica class!

A very excited Jamaica class boarded the coach bound for Paradise Wildlife Park yesterday morning. I’m happy to say that all children brought their listening ears and their kind manners as they greeted other visitors to the park.

We followed a trail around the park to see a whole host of animals. Majus was amazed by the enormous camels “It’s a camel – it’s huge!” while Luke enjoyed watching the penguins “3 penguins swimming!”

Walking around the park was hungry work so we stopped off for lunch in our own picnic area – yum! Once finished, the children spent some time spotting minibeasts! “I found a minibeast – I think it’s a spider” said Ty.

The next part of our day took us to the dinosaur enclosure, the children were thrilled to see the dinosaurs move and growl, and they showed off their amazing dinosaur knowledge. “That one’s the apatosaurus” explained Layla, “I see the stegosaurus!” said David. Janisha even spotted some dinosaur eggs – “there are dinosaur eggs, they’re hatching”.

But not everyone was fooled as Tommy pointed out “the skin looks real and they sound real, but they’re just robots”...spoiler alert!

Finally, the children had the chance for some fun in the play area before heading home - some more tired than others!

A great big well done to all the children who made our trip to Paradise Wildlife Park such an enjoyable one! And many thanks to all parents who have made their contributions via sQuid. 
A little reminder that there is still time to make your £10 contribution.​