Tuesday, 21 May 2019

St Lucia Class go wild!

What a fun-packed day out we had at Paradise Wildlife Park! Thank you for sending in the children so promptly in the morning, it meant that we could leave in good time and had lots of time to explore the park.

The weather stayed dry for us, and the children were so sensible and well-behaved. We met all sorts of animals, including a huge python and some adorable marmosets (which Charlotte F managed to name the next day, very impressively!) The penguins and meerkats were a big hit, although Jacob told us to watch out for the alpacas 'in case they spit!'

Just a few of the animals that we encountered.
After meeting the animals we stopped for lunch in the picnic area, before moving on to the dinosaur exhibit!
The children were fascinated by the animatronic dinosaurs, particularly the gigantic T-Rex and the Dilophosaurus (which roared and spat water at them, to their delight!) When we couldn't see the name labels Gracie was sure to inform everyone of what the dinosaur was called, pointing out the Pteranodon and the Oviraptor.  The children then had a go at excavating their own fossils, before getting ready for the trip home.
Finally we took the bus back to school - as you can see, they had a very busy day! I'm sure it will inspire some lovely writing and discussion about all that they saw. 
A few of our sleeping beauties on the way home!