Thursday, 18 November 2021

Year 3 - Forest School - Week 3

Survival challenge with Year 3 is always a week full of fun, problem solving and teamwork. Today the group decided they would need to think about shelter, food, warmth, fire, comfort, staying clean, protection and entertainment. The pictures show what they achieved in a short space of time. They still had lots of ideas to work on but it was time to go home. We had seating areas, sleeping sections, fires, meatballs, leaves for comfort and weapons for protection. It was fantastic to see the groups listen to ideas shared and adapt or improve them. As they worked together ideas and conversations flowed. To finish each group showed us their work and their friends offered encouragements about what they thought worked best. Great job Year 3, if I need to spend a night in the woods I’ll be using your ideas.

Well done Year 3!