Monday, 8 April 2019

Year 2 visit Raphael Park

Year 2 visited Raphael Park last week for an outdoor Science lesson.  The children looked at how animals adapt to ther habitat and managed to see some mini-beasts and birds up close. With Taylor the park ranger they classyfied a range of animals and considered their habitats before the children explored the park.
They fed oats to the birds on the lake and learnt how important it is not to feed them bread. They looked at how the birds living on the lake have adapted to their habitat with webbed feet and waterproof feathers.  Then they went pond dipping and bug hunting.  The children collected tiny living things in their nets and mini-magnifying pots.  Using charts they identified what they found and looked at their charactristics.

'My favourite part of the day was going in the 'Bug Hotel' and searching for bugs in the Micro-habitats' said Kajus.