Monday, 8 April 2019

Wow awards

I have made my teacher happy:
Jett, Majus, Daniel and Nicolae in Jamaica for moving up a book band
Paulina in Jamaica for learning all her Reception sight words and moving up a book band
Esmai in Palau for homework bingo
Siddi and David in Palau for moving up a book band
Sophie in Kenya for bingo homework
Michael in Kenya for moving up a book band
Frankie in Kenya for fantastic polar region research at home.
Anya and Anthony in Greece for Science Homework
Aliyah in Germany for moving up a book band
Jason in Germany for moving up a book band
Joshua C in Germany for moving up a book band
Nicole in N.Ireland for her fantastic earthquake fact file and autobiography about Charles Darwin
Matteo,Neve, Isabella, Lenny, Samuel, Seb, Victoria, Sofia, Tristan, Arjya, Tehzeeb, Oghomwen and Maya in New Zealand all moved up a book band.
Gabriela in Scotland for moving up a reading level
Lennon in Scotland for reading 10 books or more
Tyler in Wales for a great first week at Mead.
Alfie, Dami and Mariama in Madagascar for completing Bingo homework.
Sadie, Hazel, Melissa, Anete, Mickey-Ray, Jacob, Charlotte F, and Isabel in St Lucia for using their phonic knowledge to write independently during child-led learning.
Amelia in Mexico for practicing her spellings and converting decimals, fractions and percentages.
Aniyah, Hanzalah and Anya in Greece for fantastic maths homework
Tai in Wales for fantastic maths homework