Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Science Week Winners!

Well done to everyone who took part in the Science Week Learning Challenge! It was a very hard decision to judge as the work that we had seen this year was of a very high standard and it was clear to see that some pupils had put in some outstanding efforts.

The 6 winners across the school are:

Max in Year 1 for his fantastic timeline on Albert Einstein.
Zahi in Year 3 for his outstanding timeline poster linked to this year's theme on Journeys.
Jasmine in Year 4 for her amazing home made battery experiment.
Aaliyah in Year 4 for her informative poster on Stephen Hawking and cool light experiment, showing how light travels in straight lines.
Safiyya in Year 4 for her beautifully presented informative poster on Marie Curie.
Maliha in Year 5 for her fantastic investigation, 'Does popcorn pop when there is a hole in the bag?'


& also a big well done to all of our runner ups!