Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Year 3 estimate time!

How long do you think it would it take you to recite the alphabet, to write down your 2 x table, to stand on one leg until you lost your balance or to run the length of the playground? These were among the many activities that year 3 had to estimate the duration of this week, as part of an Estimating Time lesson in Maths. The children came up with sensible estimates for the activities and after having done this, actually measured how long their partner took using a stopwatch. Some estimates were very close and others were far apart. The children were also very fast at running the length of the playground - some completed the run in just 7 seconds!

"I enjoyed using the stopwatch to time my partner" Mehmet Lee Nevzat - Scotland.

"I stood on one leg for over 5 minutes, which was much great than my estimate!" Hamit Colak - Northern Ireland.

"I stretched out my arms for a very long time!" Jason Bajraktari